2012 Honda CR-V Long-Term Road Test

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image2012 Honda CR-V Long-Term Road Test

Fuel economy is a bright spot for our 2012 Honda CR-V. After nearly 19,000 miles, our crossover is averaging 25 mpg exactly as the EPA predicted.

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  • zimtheinvaderzimtheinvader Member Posts: 580
    my question is: If it were your actual car that you owned, and by owned I mean still had 53 or so more payments to go, would you have still not worried about the carload of kids swinging the back door open into your CRV? I know it isn't a Jag but if it is a decent sized chunk coming out of your paycheck every month for the next 4+ years wouldn't a big ol' door ding still be a downer?
  • agentorangeagentorange Member Posts: 893
    Sometimes a car that just does what is says on the tin is exactly what you need. Many Americans think this way if you look at the top sellers.
  • noburgersnoburgers Member Posts: 500
    ao--you are so right. that's what made Hondas and Toyotas such big sellers for years, although Toyota rested on it's laurels. The new Accord is a good example of getting back to Hond'a strengths. The CR-V has enjoyed great popularity for doing the basics very well.
  • schen72schen72 Member Posts: 433
    Regardless of how much money my cars cost, I always worry about someone dinging the doors. But if I worked at Edmunds, even if I was driving the SL, I wouldn't worry about dings either! I also never finance depreciating assets, so I don't think in terms of payments. Every car I've owned was purchased outright with a check.
  • stovt001_stovt001_ Member Posts: 799
    Regardless of how much money my car costs, I don't like the idea of door dings but I don't obsess about it either. Unless it is a limited edition classic, you just need to realize you're moving your big hunk of iron all over the place and things will inevitably happen. Just like your own body, you take care of it as best you can, but a few little scars here and there aren't anything to lose your mind over. I almost forgot this car was in the fleet. And I was just a few miles from you during that game. Driving home from Disneyland I almost woke the kiddo up cheering for Trout's game winner.
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