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imageBMW Concept Active Tourer Outdoor Aimed at Bicyclists

The BMW Concept Active Tourer Outdoor, a plug-in hybrid that has a carrier system for two bicycles integrated into the interior, has debuted.

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  • quadricyclequadricycle Member Posts: 827
    That bike holder system is pretty cool, but I can't base an entire vehicle purchase on that.
  • campytimcampytim Member Posts: 1
    Bike storage is a joke - who wants to remove the seatpost every time they stow a bike, or re-install one every time they pull a bike out? Better to just take off the front wheels and lay the bikes in the back as-is, or use a top rack or rear rack.Guess what's on a bike seatpost? Bike grease!
    Looks like some poor BMW engineer was tasked with fitting two bikes into a car not built to hold one bike. Didn't anyone at BMW check out the Honda Fit? - Half the size, twice the storage!
  • se_riouslyse_riously Member Posts: 94
    The solution I use for commuting is a folding bike. Takes up less than half the room of my trunk, I don't need to remove wheels, seats, etc. on a daily basis. Even though a folding bike costs more than a regular bike, I don't need to buy a bike rack. Plus a new bike costs a lot less than a new BMW.
  • openeyes1openeyes1 Member Posts: 22
    @Anita Lienert; "BMW Concept Active Tourer Outdoor Aimed at Bicyclists..." Since it's pretty much a given that most SUV's are a enormous threat to Bicycles, this small BMW SUV is less likely to inflict serious harm (due to its size and smaller m
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