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Jeep Owners: Future Models

cherokeedrivercherokeedriver Posts: 1
edited March 2014 in Jeep
OK, I admit it. I'm not a regular posting member, I'm more of a reader. But since no one else seems to want to kick off this board, I might as well do it!

What does everyone think of the Willy2 concept vehicle? I don't know if it will ever see production, but I like it! I currently have a 98 Cherokee Sport (bought May '01) and was sincerely concerned with Jeep's future considering its current trend leaning towards highway-utes. The Willy2 at least brings back the rugged legacy in its look (I haven't heard too much about the construction specs - suspension, engine, etc.).

Not to "bash" the GC or the Liberty, but c'mon, they don't have the Jeep heart I love so much. They already killed off the poor Cherokee, what's next? The Wrangler? Heaven forbid! :)


  • jsstoverjsstover Posts: 40
    I agree. It is good to see they are making a "Rubicon Ready" Wrangler. I would like to see different packages offered to customize from highway to expedition
  • I think Jeep needs to have different packages available. Trail ready package, Highway/City package and a combo package. I know it would be pricey for DC but heck i drive 99.99% on city streets and highways. I would not even mind seeing a front wheel drive jeep... I know the hardcore jeepers would just die if this happened....
  • gsu1gsu1 Posts: 43
    You need to by the Liberty if you want a Highway ready Jeep. The Wrangler was never built or intended to be a comfortable highway vehicle.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    How come you guys aren't excited about the Rescue or the 15" longer Wrangler? Ok, I know why you don't want longer approach angles on a Wrangler, but....

    Steve, Host
  • mnmatchesmnmatches Posts: 111
    My roommate got the jeep willy's limited production model... and guess what.... it sucked. The only differences were that it had a specific green paint job, rocker panels, different fenders, and decals (which by the way peel off in a week. He was so disappointed with the pile, that he brought it back and bought a rubicon.

    Steve is right, if jeep wants to do something right. they would actually start pushing some of their concept vehicles into production. And btw, the scrambler looked horrendous. When I first saw it, I thought some one sent me a joke website. If you want a sweet looking "scrambler" get a Brute from AEV Conversions. Maybe if jeep could buy the design and produce it at a lower cost (they haven't released the price yet but its going to be in the mid 30's) people would start coming back to their product line. Owning a jeep is like a sick addiction.... so it's sad to think that they are losing it.
  • jmoore1jmoore1 Posts: 1
    I'm thinking of buying an Wrangler Unlimited, but not sure if I should wait until 05 models come out.

    Anyone know when 05 Jeeps will be on showroom floors?

    Will there even be an Unlimited model in 05?

    Will it be available with manual 5-speed tranny?

    Anyone out there have anything to say about the 04 Unlimited?

    And how about that Rescue ... where can get some info ... like price?

    I know ... a lot of questions! Thanks for any/all help.
  • eb12eb12 Posts: 16
    will offer a 5-speed MT according to July issue of Car and Driver. Eric
  • mnmatchesmnmatches Posts: 111
    Anyone know when this beast is supposed to come out? What its pricing is supposed to be? I sent an email to AEV asking them some questions about the vehicle but got no response. DAMMIT i want SOMETHING out of someone....

    To compare the two, there is the RESCUE which is a bit big for my taste but I could very well manage. 600tq! As long as it averaged 20+ mpg and didn't cost over 35k I'd be happy

    Second there is the BRUTE..with the hemi. too much good stuff to say about this. It's AWESOME.

    The only similarities between these two trucks is that they are undeniably geared towards extreme off road use and they are products derived from Jeep. Sweet. I think I like the rescue a bit better because: it's got the diesel, seating for 6 and 4 doors. The downside of the rescue is that its HUGE. Who needs another H2 sized vehicle on the road. If the rescue is produced at the same size as its concept I would probably have to go with the BRUTE. Then again the Rescue may never be the BRUTE would win by default.

  • steven2steven2 Posts: 37
    The Wrangler has always been a good selling model, but it is about time for a new one, and there is no redesign in sight. Chrysler can't afford to lose this one.

    Suggestions for a new Wrangler by 2006:


    size- widen it by at least a foot or two, and raise the roof a few inches. The length for all models should be that of the Unlimited.

    styling- cues from the new Grand Cherokee would be nice. For the hard top models, a rear hatch with a power window similar to the one on the previous generation 4runner.

    Doors- real doors, maybe even four of them

    seats- real bucket seats would be nice. Nothing fancy, just something a little comfy. move the seats back in the front and the rear, the cargo space you lose will be given back by the added height and width.

    fit and finish- make the car visualy appealing. integrate a useful center console.

    audio- you don't need a cd changer, but teens do buy this car. Good system with mp3 player.


    engine- definitely a bigger engine, a powerful V6 for high end models would be great

    ride- make it bearable on pavement, independent suspension would be great.

    tranny- 4 or 5 speed auto


    for the higher end models- leather seats, sunroof, navi system.

    up-to-date styling inside is a big thing. Not necesarily wood trim everywear, just somethign that actually looks new


    Jeep can offer this for a base price of 20K or so, and a more luxurious model for 25K. Jeep can make this a capable yet practical car and not take away too much from the Liberty if the work at it.
  • mnmatchesmnmatches Posts: 111
    I think you need a solid rear axle for serious off roading. Independent suspension would just alienate much of the hard core off roaders.
  • atlgaxtatlgaxt Posts: 501
    Umm - Sounds like a pretty cool vehicle for Jeep to build. But it does not sound like a Wrangler. Increasing the size (a foot or two wider?? - not very good for navigating a trail through the woods) and adding features would kill what makes it a Wrangler. What you are describing is turning this into a typical SUV. I think there are enough of those on the market - I think Jeep might even build one or two of them. ;-)
  • mnmatchesmnmatches Posts: 111
    Jeep Willies concept would be a good direction. One thing I do think they absolutely need to do in the near future is to introduce a different engine lineup. The 4cyl 2.5 has got to go. What they should do is introduce a lower displacement v6 that has much better fuel efficiency compared to the current 4.0 v6. This would provide a fuel efficient jeep that can actually climb a hill without losing speed. Its ridiculous that a major auto maker thinks its appropriate for a driver to have to drive in the "truck lane" while ascending a long hill.

    Additionally, they should drop a diesel into a wrangler. HELLO....fuel efficient AND gobs of torque? Or, why not a V8? Maybe produce something that will squash the rubicon? ~Begin Rant~ Why, because they are probably getting some sweet "incentives" from the aftermarket companies to keep them plain... So that us jeepers have to buy a jeep thats to plain to stand, and outfit it with thousands of dollars worth of accessories. ~End Rant~

    Maybe next year they'll drop a bomb on us and pull the sheets off of something cool at a auto show. Maybe.
  • Saw pictures of Jeep Gladiator concept. What are the chances they build this one especially with a diesel? I think it is just a tease.
  • kosmoskosmos Posts: 18
    Fans of this vehicle have to let Jeep know that they will buy it if they build it. There is no other vehicle on the North American market that fills this product void. Over 2 years ago I asked Jeep to build this vehicle for people with the following needs- #1 A heavy duty Wrangler/Scrambler type vehicle with a diesel and true pick-up cargo room. #2 A durable interior/exterior for construction/forestry type use. #3 An affordable price point.
     To date the only offerings in the traditional pick-up category are not sufficient for this type of use. Consider the overall weight and size of today's full size pick-ups. Their opulent interiors reminiscent of luxury sedans, thirsty engines, and expensive price tags. These vehicles are more highway hauler than bush buster.

    Thank-you Jeep and congratulations on having the first vehicle to fill this market gap. Please build it and satisfy all those out there who have needed a vehicle like this for a long time.
  • I second , third and fourth that!!!! Jeep has offered the CJ/YJ in pick up and extended versions in other parts of the world and with diesel engines for decades. We have always been left out. I know I am in a minority when I say but Jeep needs to get back to its roots with the wrangler and its off shoots... The first thing to come out of mine was the carpet and the cloth seats... I have to have hose able interior. I can't wait for the Gladiator... I hope they even keep the name... everyone remember the 60's full size Gladiator pick ups?
    I hope the diesel makes it... and with the 6 speed manual tranny!
    Is Jeep able to build a "Jeep"?
  • Amen! Build something with the same goals as were used in creating the humvee (reliable,repairable,powerful) but in a smaller package (jeep size or maybe a smidge bigger).

    Or, I could just go out and buy the American Expedition Vehicles Jeep BRUTE with the hemi upgrade. If you haven't seen it...its insane.
  • turbieturbie Posts: 1
    I drive a VW Jetta TDI myself and have been looking at the Jeep Wrangler for a while now to supplement my needs for a rugged off road vehicle, and now with the advent of the turbo diesel powered Jeep Gladiator I'll look no further. Plus I'm very excited about the growing popularity in the use of bio-diesel as being a cleaner renewable source of fuel.
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