1997 Mazda MX-5 Miata Long-Term Road Test

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image1997 Mazda MX-5 Miata Long-Term Road Test

The parts and the people who made My Laguna Seca track day possible.

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  • cobrysoncobryson Member Posts: 110
    Man, that shot of you in the corkscrew is pretty sick. Driving that track is up there on my bucket list, for sure.
  • evodadevodad Member Posts: 135
    I really hope I get a chance to get on track again this year. It's the most fun time anyone can ever have.
  • jederinojederino Member Posts: 0
    What was the solution for fitting your 6-foot self and helmet under the roll bar? Also, would a soft-top still fit?
  • subytrojan_2subytrojan_2 Member Posts: 79
    Thank you, Kurt! Always enjoy your long-term updates!
  • cuselancer17cuselancer17 Member Posts: 53
    Awesome Post Kurt. Nice.
  • caheewcaheew Member Posts: 0
    Wow this was a great post, I really hope that one day I can buy my own track car half as good as this Miata.
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