2013 Volkswagen Passat TDI Long-Term Road Test

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image2013 Volkswagen Passat TDI Long-Term Road Test

2013 Volkswagen Passat TDI vs. Ford Fusion Hybrid

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  • diigiidiigii Member Posts: 156
    The Ford Fusion Hybrid is $11,000 cheaper, you say. But how much will the battery replacement be in the future?
  • expensivehobbyexpensivehobby Member Posts: 91
    Its an interesting choice, hopefully you will let us know which the family picks and why.

    I've posted a few times here, owning a '13 SE TDI. My brother recently bought an '11 Fusion Hybrid, loaded, as a CPO. I drove it last weekend. It's the most seamless hybrid I have experienced, though in honesty my only other experiences have been Priuses. I'm sure the newer one is better still. The Fusion drove very nicely. I did find myself "working" however to try to get the most electric use out of it. I wonder if I would tire of that. Spacewise, it wasn't a contest, the Fusion was much tighter. Still, I totally understand why by brother bought it. A great car, and the hybrid engines have been pretty wrung out on the NYC taxi circuit on Escapes, and seem to have performed impressively. He showed 42.2 mpg on the computer, driving mostly highway miles.

    As for me, so far no regrets about my choice.
  • cjasiscjasis Member Posts: 274
    How much freeway vs. in town driving will he be doing?

    Also, how much of the Edmunds price difference is due to depreciation? If he plans on keeping the car, then a lot of that differential isn't as relevant as it would otherwise be.

    Personally, I'd take the Passat because I HATE the Ford Sync too much to own a car with it.
  • juddholl10juddholl10 Member Posts: 84
    Ok then you're a bad friend because who wants to own a Ford more than a Volkswagen?
  • bankerdannybankerdanny Member Posts: 1,021
    @diigii: hybrids have been readily available for over a decade, they fill taxi fleets in major cities. They routinely exceed 100k miles on the original batteries. You are making an argument that made sense in 2004, but not in 2014. At this point there is
  • bankerdannybankerdanny Member Posts: 1,021
    I meant, when buying new you should not conisder batter replacement as a factor any more than you would engine or transmission replacement. And even used it's not really an issue. Replacement Prius batteries are far less expensive than a transmission or engine.
  • shepskishepski Member Posts: 45
    "Ok then you're a bad friend because who wants to own a Ford more than a Volkswagen?"

    Hmmm... 2006 Ford GT, or VW... What?

    I'd take a Fiesta (or perhaps Focus) ST over a GTI, too.

    Meanwhile, that being said, were I the friend trying to choose between a Passat TDI or Fusion Hybrid, I'd only need to ask one question: Which one can be had with a stick?

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