TRUCK PICTURES post them here

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For What??

Looks just fine the way it is!


..Henry Who????.......


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    Thanks dave40. Yeah, i'm pretty sure the designers had all those in mind when they where deciding on how it ought to look.
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    Here is my 1996 Dodge Ram 3500 4x4 Club Cab. It's taken from this particular angle to highlight the new aluminum wheels.
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    Dave, I just use a good coat of Meguiars - leaves a really nice gloss, and cleans up easily between waxings.
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    I'm gonna get me some of that zaino stuff and buff out my Wedgewood Blue F250 CC, take a picture, and post it here. Dave'll be really jealous when he sees it!! :)
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    Here Is my 99 XLT on Medano Pass over the Sangre de Cristo range in So. Colo. Goes over to Great Sand Dunes National Monument. Next to last pic is from the Dunes looking back to the cut I came down in the mountains. Last pic is of my truck working on my property South of Westcliffe, Co (Sangre's in the background).
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    Ya get the launch of the Cassini Spacecraft too!
    Until I change this site into strictly Ranger.
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    I'll have to check out Southern Col. one of these days.
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    I'm going to take some pictures of my lightning tomorrow,I'll post them for you to see how did you transfer them from your computer files to this sight
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    Ordered a Kodak digitized disk for 5 bucks when I got my pics and uploaded some to my web site creating a 2nd index.html file (edited the HTML file in edlin) for the site. Copied the site address from the Edit menu and pasted here.
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    These are still the old pics from when I first got the truck. I'll be updating soon.
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    my father has web TV maybe I can scan my photos send them to him and create a web page, thanks for the advice ,that green chevy was nice there is a dark blue one like that in my area, at first I didn't like the fronts on them but they are starting to grow on me.
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    That IS a nice looking rig! One question, though. Does it make sparks when it goes over a bump?
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    Good Job! Nice conference with good topic. Great idea.
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    Thanks Dave will do that soon.
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    I'm thinking of buying a new ram sport and like to see how people customize their trucks, so if you own a ram sport or any truck e-mail me the pic at [email protected] Thanks.
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    Nice Dog, where can I get one of those? Oh the truck looks good to. Looks like the 4 wheeler s a pretty good load?
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    4 wheeler's a good load, not maximum, but did cause the rear end to sag a bit, in the picture. Truck is also parked on a slope.

    I now have Air Lift Pneumatic helper springs installed. You can raise it 2 inches or more over stock with that same load.
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    Are only chevy owner's allowed in the truck force action army.I have a ford which I will be sending you photos of over the weekend.

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    i don't have a scanner or digital camera, how can i get my truck onto your website? mine is a beautiful 99 silverado z-71. chrome step bars, chrome bed rails, truck box, and split rear exhaust with a stallion muffler. i'd love to get mine here to show the world!! help!!
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    If you can't get anyone to scan ,you can go to your local film developer with your photos and he can transfer them to a floppy disk and then you can transfer them onto your computer it only costs about $5.00
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    go to a photoshop that does Kodak processing.
    Take a pic of the truck and when developing
    ask for the Photo Disk or Photo CD (need windows
    95/98 for this) and for 5-9 bucks you get the
    pics digitized in JPG format
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    Here you go guys:

    Hey dave, how did you do those last two posts?
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    OBVIOUSLY NOT done by just putting the html tag!
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    Here are three pictures of the Dodge Dakota with the coolest covering device ever devised by man.(Or Woman)
  • mgdvhmanmgdvhman Member Posts: 4,157 gotta lose all the HTML's and crap. The thing down loads so darn slow now...i quit looking at them.

    - Tim
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    #84 of 85: Rhino liner srayin

    i would like some prices on the silverado in the pictures.
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    Somebody please....

    find this man a day job!?!?!!!

    Or a job with less daytime internet access!?!?!!!

    Something where he could use his truck?!?!!


    Front Porch Philosopher
    SUV, Pickups, & Aftermarket and Accessories Host
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    However his last post may give us hint about what he is after:

    A Truck.
    A Wall.
    A Crash.

    I think we're talking Crash Test Dummy here . . .

    What TRUCKFORCEACTION really needs is a picture of Dave (not his truck - which is BTW, very nice . . . ) - Just hold the digital camera at arms length, point and shoot.
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    I noticed on your web page that you have the Hypertech Programmer III. Was the performance gain worth the price? How did it affect your gas mileage? Do you need to use premium gas with it? I want to "supe up" my '98 5.7L and I'm trying to decide what to get. I've got a K&N air-filter and I made my own ram-air/cold-air induction system. Headers and turbo mufflers are on the way, as are low-resistance spark plug wires. I also might get some really cool spark plugs by torquemaster.
    Check out the totally unique spark plug design at

    They're expensive as hell though ($12.50 each) because they're hand made. Anyway, I'd sure appreciate any advice.
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    Here's a link to my 1997 Dodge Dakota SLT+ 4x2.

    (It's for sale, if anyone's interested)
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    Anybody know where I can find a fairly big picture of a 2000 ram slt 4x4 diesel or not on the web in patriot blue?
  • z71josez71jose Member Posts: 22
    Yes, 2000 Ram Charger. It Ram Charger
    with the current body-style has been sold
    in Mexico since at least 1997. Go to and follow the links
    to SUV's(don't worry, even if you don't know
    Spanish, you can figure it out.) If y'all have
    problems, just email me and I'll email the
    pictures to you. Anyway, rumor has it
    Dodge,USA plans to extend the wheelbase,
    slap another 2 doors, and bring it to the States
    to compete with the Excursion and Suburban
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    GM has an Excursion competitor in the works. My buddy seen it the other day....3 inches longer than an excursion....11 inches longer than the current suburban...but not wider....just longer.

    - Tim
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    I thought you might be interested in this truck I spotted up in Williams Lake B.C. Canada. It seems the dealer (Caribou GM) offers this special "ZE5 Grappler" package on their 3/4 ton 4x4's. It is very popular with all of the loggers in the area. There are tons of these trucks up there. The package includes stainless steel rocker covers, aluminum bed rails, rear window protector, BFG AT's and, in many cases, custom wheels and a grill guard. It's a pitty you can't get it down here in the states. Picture at Truck Force
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    I have a 2000 Siverado ext. cab Z71 on order... I was looking for any pics of what it will look like with the colors I ordered. I ordered Indigo Blue with the pewter flares and lower. If anyone has a picture of what this will look like, please email and/or post here. I cannot find any around at any dealers in my area with the indigo/pewter colors and pewter fender flares.
    [email protected]
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    Here's a pic of Your Combo.

    I took one in the Morning with the sun in my eyes..and it turned out too dark. Took another that evening...sun was reflecting off the window. It's hard to see the color on the side...but you get the idea. Damn nice combo. If an LT is available in 2-tone next time...perhaps I'd get this?...or Carmine with Gold. This is a 3/4 I believe.
    This is from my truck...I didn't get out and go
    around to the front...a guy was already coming over to ask if I need help!

    - Tim
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    happened to 118 and 119?
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    Okay, I'm pretty good using the computer, but I'm not very internet savvy......yet. I took a picture with a digital camera and have it saved on a jpeg file, can I somehow insert it into my response similar to how mgdvhman did when he hyperlinked to another site so that people can click on it and open the picture?
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    you have to upload it to the web. Most providers have web space available with your agreement.

    Then the easy way is to type the address it's at....higlight the entire address...copy...and paste it in your E-mail.

    - Tim
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    Here is the link to a pic of my truck.........
  • jsnoblesjsnobles Member Posts: 2
    Here are a couple more pics..........
    2000 Chevrolet Silverado,5.3L,Auto,K&N Filtercharger,Flowmaster 40 series dual exhaust
  • mgdvhmanmgdvhman Member Posts: 4,157
    Just like my old 88 Stepside..Red Reg. cab

    - Tim
  • dave40dave40 Member Posts: 582
    1999 F-250 4X4 XLT V-10 Auto
    Stock except bug shield for now...
    "The Silver Projectile"
  • dave40dave40 Member Posts: 582

    Don't forget to sign the TruckForce Log Book....
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