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imageConsumers' Favorites: Best Cars for College Graduates

See the results of the Consumers' Favorites survey for Best Cars for College Graduates, including the Scion FR-S, Volkswagen GTI, and Kia Optima

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  • joeyongojoeyongo Member Posts: 1
    Any way people are generally entitled to their opinion, moreover with different people having different preferences and varying choices I am not surprised at the kind of results I am seeing here now.
    Ideally, my best car for college graduates is still Kia Optima, with Volkswagen GTI second on my list. College students generally love cars that are sleek with a good modern design, but number of students who are married may not like the coupe version of cars because it may not be able to accomodate their spouse and kids comfortably. Usually, it is the young students who are still single that really love coupe car versions and if the survey were to collect personal information of respondents, there is a likelihood that this would have been demonstrated. I think i have shared enough, maybe let someone else contribute what they think about this piece.
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  • bj2991bj2991 Member Posts: 1
    I'd say, this list is alle very unrealistic. How much money does the average college graduates make? I'm sure it's not enough to buy a Scion FR-S or a golf GTI. Don't even speak about the challenger. Or this person should have a really nice boss that let's you lease one. So why not put second hand cars on the list?
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