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7 Shocking and Esoteric Automotive Data Facts Posts: 10,127
edited September 2014 in General

image7 Shocking and Esoteric Automotive Data Facts

Like car sales facts? Here are seven ones you are likely not to forget.

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  • Wow! In the spirit of Halloween, this is like a rainbow pillowcase full of analytic goodies! Speaking of Halloween, here's a PSA (puffyheart service announcement): "Kiddies, (particularly in Miami) stay away from the Econolines."

    Also, timely for Halloween is this recommendation to Prius owners: your car is perfect...PERFECT for sneaking up on unsuspecting trick-or-treaters. Specifically to those over-aged ones who have no business going door-to-door for candy. Do it. And make sure to film it.

    phc is loving Glendive's motto, however it probably applies to that entire area. phc, in fact, has driven through the Badlands and can confirm that it really does seem like there are more cars:people, and definitely good people at that!
  • Hello. I think that your prediction of Subaru of Wichita taking a lead in sales is TOTALLY correct!

    I HIGHLY recommend and endorse the business of SUBARU of WICHITA. The dudes we met and who helped us were AWESOME!! They were helpful, kind, non-pushy, professional, and fun. My family walked out with a fantastic car that we love. and here's the best wife is super happy.... and you know..."if mama ain't happy, then ain't nobody happy"! :)
    This was our first experience EVER with a car dealership. until this point, we have always bought off craigslist used stuff we could afford. so I am really thankful that God put this company in our path.
    Anyone looking for a car - and doesn't want the fear of getting harassed or scammed or pressured.... Look nowhere else. start and end your car search at the Subaru of Wichita dealership. We were blessed by this company, and trust them enough to endorse them.

    Thanks Subaru and all the folks there!
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