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    Hi I am looking at a 04 SL600. My last Mercedes a 98 E430 really nickeled and dimed me where a nickel was $500 and a dime was $1,000. What should I watch out for in the SL600? Consumer Reports rates EVERY Mercedes much worse than average and the values have dropped so dramatically, that I am concerned things may even be worse than what I experienced. I am also looking at a 911 and surprisingly Consumer Reports recommend that car! I had a Porsche in the 80's that I called a "Pusha". Any comments on the cons to buying the 04 SL600 model?

    Thank you in advance for potentially saving me thousands of dollars!
  • greasykid1greasykid1 Member Posts: 336
    The SL600 is a 12 cylinder and the most expensive SL to drive and maintain.
  • benzlerbenzler Member Posts: 1
    I just replaced all four disc brakes on my car. Now I need to bleed them, I have hardly no pressure to the back wheels. I was told I need to first bleed the ABS system. I did not find a bleed valve or anything around the ABS module, where the four brake lines come into it, from the master cylinder.
  • smogdungsmogdung Member Posts: 349
    There was an article in the local paper about a salesman that has put almost 1/2 million (trouble free) miles on a Merc with the 320 engine that I decided to buy a new '07 Crossfire that has the same engine. Love it! Lifetime Powertrain Warranty, Stability Control, Heated Leather, etc., etc. getting 25.8 mpg (driving enthusiastically), $13K off sticker, >150 MPH, far as I can tell....the only thing on the Crossfire that was actually manufactured by Chrysler the badge????

    Anyone out there with the SLK 320 had any issues I should look out for?
  • marsha7marsha7 Member Posts: 3,703
    Is the Crossfire really a Mercedes underneath???...I thought it just had a little MB under the hood, a few parts here and there, maybe headlights and switches, but that it was all make it sound like it was a Mercedes (C series???...E Series???) that simply had a Chrysler emblem on it
  • smogdungsmogdung Member Posts: 349
    The engine & transmission are straight out of the SLK 320, the body was designed by Chrysler......but the whole vehicle was built in Germany at the Karman factory, As far as I can tell.....there are no "Chrysler" parts on it???? The big PLUS......a "Lifetime Powertrain Warranty"!!!! Sticker was $36K for my '07 6 speed Limited Coupe.....I gave <$23K brand new.......seemed like a real bargain to me. Solid as a rock! The frame is a shortened version of the SLK 320 frame. The big benefit....the SLK 320 was a convertible....& they kept all the design that has to be done to make a convertible stiffer (cause there's no roof), then when they made the coupe XFire.....this made the whole thing stiffer than a Porsche 911......."solid".
  • smogdungsmogdung Member Posts: 349
    The sticker says, " US/Canadian parts content = 0%. Germany = 84% Assemby point = Osnabrueck, Germany."

    Has Electronic Stability Control, Traction Control, Brake Assist, Tire Pressure Monitoring System, Homelink Garage Door Opener, Heated PWR Leather, Dual Zone, Alarm, Infinity, Heated Mirrors, Rear Active Spoiler (rises at @ 100KPH), 19s x 255 rear, 18s x 225 front, 3valve/2 spark plugs / cylinder.....6 air bags......weighs only 3060 lbs..........1-200 lbs less than the SLK 320.

    I think it'll go down in history as the bast*** orphan child of the failed Daimler-Chrysler marriage. Very unique. I know there was 76,047 of them made before production stopped on 12/17/07. .....that number include ? # of right hand drive versions many came into the USA is uncertain. Only a few thousand '07s & maybe 1-2000 '08s. No real differences between the 04-05-06-07 & 08s.

    There were about 3000 SRT6 Xfires built..(don't race those guys)....those are basically the AMG Supercharged equivalent......same engine.....but they were all automatics....I wanted a stick & better MPG.
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    wow! Where do I begin? A x-fire in the sl forum. Rather than being an orphan it sounds more like Frankenstein assembled sort of as an afterthought with the Germans laughing every day they came to work. I can here them now: "Achtung, did you see that tail ugly piece of American design sh... It makes me want to throw up my Bavarian beer that I have to drink every day just to work on it. Oh, has anyone seen my wrench? Oh, yeah, I think I left it inside one of the doors I was working on. Dont worry the Americans wont notice, the cars rattle their ears off anyway!"
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    I am looking to purchase a 2006 sl65 soon. Was wondering if anyone has any experience with this vehicle (probably 2006 sl600 may also have same parts; except engine) in terms of reliability issues. Any areas that keep breaking and need to be aware of etc?

  • gap2006gap2006 Member Posts: 20
    Hi Noel,

    I have had an 07 SL 600 with AMG package for the past 18 months and except for one recent issue the car has been a joy to drive. I drove from PA to Montreal in Sept with no issues at all. What a beautiful drive with the top down. The car handles well. I bought a separate set of winter wheels and tires since I drive it all year and it performs fantastic on slippery icy roads and snow with the Michelin Pilot Alpines. The factory installed Pirellis are not very good. Get the Michelin for summer and winter if you can and a set of inexpensive winter rims/tires from so you don't mess up the AMGs in the winter weather.

    Now the only issue I had was last when I was driving down my driveway and developed total brake system failure. Very scary. They weren't too forthcoming at the dealership as to why and how except to say it's extremely rare. Apparently my hydraulic reservoir sprung a leak. They fixed it right up and it's fine but very scary and now I'm wondering if it's inherent to those SLs or just a freaky thing.

    Anyway, I love the car so much I just re-leased it for another year.

    Good luck!

  • GilfishGilfish Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2003 SL55 AMG that I bought with 30,000 miles and I'm now noticing things going wrong. The worst being my car won't start on cold mornings. I can't turn the key and the wireless opener and starter doesn't work. After fiddling with the wireless buttons for about 10 minutes, it finally opens the door. After another 10 minutes, I get the key to turn and start the car. I questioned 4 dealerships and they were dumbfounded. They all wanted to spend time figuring the problem out. Seemed liked lots of money and no results except maybe replacing the whole system. Of course the batteries have been replaced in the keys and after the car starts and warms up, it's good for the day.......Help
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    I recently purchased a 2006 sl65 with the two piece titanium color center wheel and a machined lip, So I went to my wash and they applied a acid brake cleaner that blemished the center titanium color, What is the exact name of that titanium color also the color code and who manufactor's it(PPG,DUPONT,ect)
  • jimbo409jimbo409 Member Posts: 18
    Does anyone have a maintenance schedule for this car. Does the timming belt need to be repkaced. The car has 101000 miles and I just purchased it. Also what other things should I be concerned with. Thanks Jimbo
  • quirkiequirkie Member Posts: 1
    I am a new owner of a 1991 AMG SL300. Can anybody tell me the differnce between a SL and a AMG?
  • marsha7marsha7 Member Posts: 3,703
    I was under the impression that AMG was a high performance group that took Benzes and tricked them out with high perf engines plus other luxury items...I believe they used to be an independent group, and I think Mercedes simply bought them and brought them in-house so that they could make their own HP cars...

    This is subject to someone who may know much more than I think I do...but I am pretty sure that AMG cars, esp from 1991, were probably higher perf than the same standard car from MB...
  • dennis940dennis940 Member Posts: 1
    Does anyone know where I can purchase a front bumper - passenger side, tow eye cover for my 1997 Mercedes SL500?
  • 92benzo92benzo Member Posts: 2
    I have a 92 500SL which recently started leaking oil from above the front window. It is leaking down the visor support and rear view mirror. It leaks freely when top is raised or lowered. Does anyone know if there is a resivore, will it damage the top mechanics, will it run out of oil and finally; what is the fix? I have ruined several pairs of pants.
  • 92benzo92benzo Member Posts: 2
    Had a MB that would stop when warmed up Similar to what you describe. I ha to replce the ignition coil. Problem solved.
  • tulsahogtulsahog Member Posts: 64
    On a 2002 SL 500, there is a noise near 45 MPH that sounds like the brakes dragging. Mercedes and a tire dealer said it was caused by tire noise. The car has the one directional, non-rotatable tires, rear larger dia than front. Put on new set of Dunlop tires and the noise did not change.

    Doesn't seem this could be tire noise, especially since new tires did not change the noise. Could be a wheel bearing or what else?
  • sl55_driversl55_driver Member Posts: 1
    There is one on each side - hydraulic fluid reservoirs for the retactable hard top. If one is leaking, it is best to replace both side at the same time. Cost ~ $400 each.
  • carltwocarltwo Member Posts: 2
    No, you cannot get a Mercedes wind deflector fixed at any hardware store, as it's a factory stamped process. Many clams they had done this but never supplied any pix of there achievement. I like any to post pix if they did replaced or know anyone that did.
  • law4youlaw4you Member Posts: 7
    Droplets of oil from the front of the top near the windshield leaked on both sides of my wife's previous 1999 SL500 on the leather seats. The cylinders were replaced by an independent repair shop for a fraction of what Mercedes dealers charge.
  • dhsieh9dhsieh9 Member Posts: 44
    I am looking to buy a pre-owned 2009 Sl-550. After checking latest Consumer Reports Auto Issue, most MB late models listed in the magazine are rated below average. Due to insufficient data, 2009 SL-550 does not show any reliability info. Would current 2009 SL-550 owners post your experience with its reliability problem, if there is any?
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    Don't, car is a constant problem, own exact model, if you want to spend most of your days with your mechanic then only buy it.
  • dhsieh9dhsieh9 Member Posts: 44
    Wow! I know that in recent years, MB cars are not known for their reliability. I have no idea 2009 SL-550 is that bad. Would you care to share them with the forum? Your SL should still be in warranty period, shouldn't it?
  • ctangctang Member Posts: 1
    I want to buy a 2006 sl500 with 90000 miles without the warrantly , $30000 / how's that ?
  • law4youlaw4you Member Posts: 7
    I bought my wife a 2006 SL for roughly $90,000 in 2006. It is great looking (red), driving, fast, powerful and handling car. The problems experienced so far at 21,000 miles are: original equipment Michelin tires worn on inside edges to cords by 20,000 and were very noisy starting around 12,000. New tires at dealer installed and balanced cost about $2100. Tire pressure monitor indicator now stays lit all the time. Front of the car kneels downward if it sits a couple days but rises after a couple minutes at idle. This was fixed under warranty but has re-occurred within a year of the repair. Other than that it is a great car and would seem to be a bargain based on the new price four years ago....Terrible depreciation for original owners at $30,000 today price.
  • izzyinchicagoizzyinchicago Member Posts: 5
    Know what you are getting into if you buy a MB. I bought a great looking 2005 SL500 in 2008, with 9,800 miles, for $53K (sticker price = $97K… first clue). I figured low miles were acceptable in Chicago because the previous owner was a rich veterinarian, and only drove it in the summer. Checking with the local MB dealership, they did not flag any problems except for replacing the trunk battery because the car sat so much in the winter. So in the three years I have had it:
    &#149; It's on its 3rd trunk battery, second front battery;
    &#149; The car ABC hydraulics have been repaired (otherwise the car sticks cockeyed);
    &#149; The electronic ignition module has been replaced;
    &#149; The roof relays replaced (otherwise the roof wouldn&#146;t close);
    &#149; The tires replaced at 27,000 miles (I am at 29000 miles now)
    &#149; Currently the SAM is bad
    &#149; The left rear shock is bad (dealership price is $1,350 for ONE shock, plus $1,000 to install it).

    I have not pulled all the bills out to be precise in my wording, but my intent is to not quote exact part numbers, my point is to educate anyone thinking of buying a MB to know the poor quality of their products.
    I also see some members discussing extended service contracts. I too bought a 3rd party contract and while it takes the edge off some of my bills, it has a $500 deductible, and the shop rate is $90/hour. Try getting a MB dealership to work on your car for that rate! You end up paying the difference. As an example my local MB charges $125/hour, so for replacing the shock I pay $1,350 for the shock and 8 hours of the difference between $125 and $90.
    All I can say is never again!
  • law4youlaw4you Member Posts: 7
    My wife made several stops yesterday and after the last one the car would not start.....That evening it started and was driven home and will be parked there for a while until I can attend to it. This is a 2006 SL500 with 24000 original miles parked in the warm climate of the Southeast where its life began five years ago! Maybe it needs a new trunk or under the hood battery like izzy's! Ridiculous! She also advised me the trunk does not lock.

    Any thoughts from the other MB faithful out there relative to their experiences and any suggestions for fixes to the above or other problems?
  • whatwarrantywhatwarranty Member Posts: 1
    In 2006 I bought an '05 SL 500 with low miles. After thousands spent at the dealer for service "A" and "B" the engine blew at 20k miles. I was assured that it was warranty as the dealer picked up the car for repair. A few days later the regional supervisor stated that MBZ wanted 40k for a new engine. Nope, NOT covered by warranty. What happened to my 4 year 50k guarantee?.............Numerous other issues, A/C controls, steering wheel motor, ABC and so on.

    My Corvair was more reliable
    After many years of driving MBZ, I'm finished.
  • sakinsakin Member Posts: 1
    hi, i just purchased an 03 sl500 and it has the same problem as you described ( not getting out of first gear ) also (abc esp)lights are going crazy... i was wondering if you could tell me how you fixed those problems .. thank you
  • dhsieh9dhsieh9 Member Posts: 44
    If you haven't seen the 2013 SL550, take a look at cleclass-SL and you'll concur that the big time screw-up on styling. What a pitiful design that takes the worst of latest SLK node + CL tail. I am all for the aluminum construction to reduce weight and bi-turbo V8 (my 2005 SL500 feels really heavy when climbing hills). IMHO, 2009 ~ 2012 have the best styling except for early gull wing models.
  • georged4georged4 Member Posts: 34
    Looks just like the recently redesigned 2012 SLK to me. I don't see a problem with the looks. If you like the 2009-12 then stick with your 2008 a while longer. Many people love and keep their old MB. In 2000 I bought an 87 BMW635 that the prior owner kept from new because he never found another car he liked better.

    I suppose performance can be an issue with any older car, but life is full of trade offs
  • dhsieh9dhsieh9 Member Posts: 44
    In May 2012 Car and Driver magazine ( ), there is an article on the 2012 SL model. At the end, the author commented how ungainly the 2013 SL model looks:

    "What is not so magical, at least to our eyes, is the way this thing looks. It&#146;s ironic that a car that moves this gracefully should look so ungainly. The rear end is fattened for cargo, the front is high and bluff for ­pedestrian safety, and the grille and the headlamps sit on distinctly different planes. When we ribbed a Mercedes employee that the car looks like its front and back ends were ­designed by  two different people,  he fixed a dead-eyed gaze on us and held up not two but three fingers. Guess $106,375 doesn&#146;t buy beauty anymore.View Photo Gallery".
  • 05sl55amg05sl55amg Member Posts: 3
    edited April 2012
    65k miles, $40k. I'm aghast at the depreciation but was very happy to let someone else bite it. This car is like new and drives like it. I have had a couple problems with it already however. The ABC Visit Service Shop sign kept coming on and since I read this is usually a AUX battery under charge issue I didn't worry about it much UNTIL!! my new (to me) beauty started fighting me when I wanted to take her out of park. :cry: $2k later 2 quarts of tranny fluid (which is what I expect started the shifter issues) and a shifter that needed to be cut out of my car. I asked the service man "where did the fluid go?" he said "beats me, who knows what someone else did to this thing" me "so there's no sign of a leak?" him "nope" 2 quarts of tranny fluid disappeared? at $85 a quart by the way. hmmm. ANYWAY car is running great again now, no sign of trouble since the shifter replacement. (Thank Goodness I bought an extended warrantee which has already payed for itself) I cringe to think what a tranny would cost in this thing. I still get a lot of appreciative looks and thumbs up when driving it. I was going to buy another motorcycle but settled on buying this due to a recent nearly fatal crash. I settled on this because I still get the same stupid grin on my face when I press the gas peddle of this as I did when twisting the throttle on my bikes. MUCH FUN TO DRIVE. I JUST PRAY I CAN KEEP THE TICKETS TO A MINIMUM ;)
  • 05sl55amg05sl55amg Member Posts: 3
    Yeah but that hood and taillight cost him $10k :-)
  • 05sl55amg05sl55amg Member Posts: 3
    ABSOLUTELY, I find I get better performance out of the sport mode but sometimes use the manual mode just to run the revs up in town to hear the engine note (sweet) However even in the sport mode it can have a mind of it's own like getting stuck in 2nd when performing a kickdown pass. (this happened and I was forced to cycle the ignition on and off to get the tranny to reset WHILE DOING 70MPH. This did work however. Frankly I wonder if the "GO" button under the gas pedal doesn't help to confuse the tranny brain. I ponder if they made any improvements with the new 7 spd gearbox? Anyone?
  • dhsieh9dhsieh9 Member Posts: 44
    This is another comment from the June issue Automobile Magazine on 2013 SL550's style (

    "Now, if Mercedes could just add the word "beautiful" back into the SL's design brief. The awkward steering aside, the SL's biggest flaw is the way it looks -- it lacks the visual punch of a $100,000 jewel, too closely resembles the cheaper SLK, and is saddled with disjointed front, rear, and sides that look like they were designed by three different people. That is because they were, in fact, designed by three different people. Maybe next time, the Germans will tell us that SL stands for Supremely Lovely -- and they'll make the roadster as beautiful on the outside as it is underneath its skin"
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    I have a check engine light on and a code of "25900". Can anyone help me with this? For some reason there is not a place to be found on the web that gives these codes out. Please help.. the car is sluggish, almost like the timing has jumped. idles fine, no noises, just no powere or torque
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    I have a 1997 SL320 with bad convertible top hydraulic cylinders that I can't afford to replace right now ($3,500-4,000) I am able to raise and lower the top manually, however, the roll bar is another question, can it be raised manually? any replies would be appreciated
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    FORSALE 20” Forgiato black Mercedes wheels SL55 AMG SL500 SL550 CLS SL63 CLS63 CLS55 $1500

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    I have set of high-end 20" Forgiato Otto 3-piece forged aluminum wheels for sale. These Forgiato Otto wheels will fit the SL and CLS Mercedes and are staggered; the rear wheels are 2” wider than the fronts also Forgiato center caps will be included.

    Front wheels: 9JX20, offset 24mm

    Rear wheels: 11JX20, offset 35mm

    The wheels are in pretty good shape are wrapped with Continental SportContact tires (255/30/20 and 305/25/20) I receive a substantial fedex shipping discount which I pass onto you so shipping will be between $35 -$45 per wheel within the U.S. and if outside the U.S. please contact me. If you need the wheels sooner don't hesitate to call or text me 708-971-2219 . If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact me. If you want to see them please contact me. Free local pickup. asking $1,500
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