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2001-'04 Ford Escape Recalled for Rust, Steering Problem Posts: 9,975
edited August 2016 in Ford
image2001-'04 Ford Escape Recalled for Rust, Steering Problem

Ford is recalling 385,762 2001-'04 Ford Escape SUVs because a rust problem may cause the lower control arm to separate, potentially resulting in diminished steering control, Ford told Edmunds on Monday.

Read the full story here


  • reminderreminder Posts: 383
    Have driven vehicles my whole life in the northeast. Salt on the roads nearly 1/2 the year. When you close in on 10 years of service there is already significant damage to the chassis and sheet metal.
    In my neck of the woods, it's not the mileage, it's the time.
    With proper maintenance and a bit of luck, you could drive a Honda, Toyota, even many domestics for 25 years if you lived in Arizona or New Mexico.
    Salt is a killer.
  • menaceman1menaceman1 Posts: 1
    edited August 2016
    Question:: What if I bought a 2002 ford escape Used / second hand
    vehicle.. What can be done for me and my vehicle???
  • htrd31htrd31 Posts: 1
    Just had this happen to my 2005 Ford Escape XLT (yes, only '01-04 were recalled). I live in Ohio and we just finished with "salt" season. While driving, we were slammed to a screeching halt as forward attachment of the subframe that holds the lower control arm COMPLETELY rusted through and the wheel wanted to go outward at 90 degrees. The CV axel also was pulled out in the process, keeping the vehicle from being moved off the road. In fact, it took the tow truck 30 minutes to figure out how to get the vehicle off of the truck, as we were able to guide it backwards onto the bed, but couldn't let the Escape roll forward as the wheel was braking and was pressing up into the wheel-well and about to cause further damage.
    Luckily, we were only going 10mph and it was still a dangerous situation but we had just pulled off the highway.
    I plan on escalating this issue with Ford, as it is obviously an issue that doesn't stop at 2004 models.
    At this point, the subframe will more than likely need replaced, or the vehicle is scrap.
    Thanks Ford! I have been a "ford guy" all my life and depending on what assistance I get with this design flaw, they may have not heard the last of it....
  • If you haven't already, post a complaint on the NHTSA website. I have an 06 Escape and this also just happened to me. This is rampant, even on the newer, redesigned Escapes. Ford is aware of the issue, but until they get enough pressure, they won't don anything about it.
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