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2003 BMW Z4 Road Test Posts: 10,126
edited September 2014 in BMW

image2003 BMW Z4 Road Test

The folks in Bavaria have had quite a run over the last decade. The entry-level 3 Series is selling better than ever, and is still the acknowledged car to beat in the entry luxury game. The 5 Series is considered one of the best luxury sedans on the planet, particularly in terms of driving passion.

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  • mortar1mortar1 Posts: 2
    No one is going to read this over ten years after the car was produced (and reviewed here) but thought I'd put some comments after owning the car for eleven years!

    The car's looks--turns out that BMW nailed this one. Eleven years later and the style still looks good. Folks come up to me all the time to praise how cool it looks and many think it must be a new car. (Kudos to BMW for high quality paint as well.)

    All these years--no mechanical problems. Amazing. The trunk sometimes squeaks when I close it cause it's slightly off line when open.

    The soft automatic roof is a dream--I ride with the top down and even if I'm just going to the grocer it comes down. As long as it's 50 degrees, I'm putting the top down. Riding with top down is my favorite thing with the car.

    I've driven it cross country several times--it's another reason why I bought it--trunk size is good for a roadster.

    Only thing that annoyed me for about six months was the electric steering. It seemed to tighten a bit once in a while. It has been years since that happened and I'm not sure why it went back to normal.

    Only other problem when I first got the car was the navigation system didn't work right and I had to have the software reinstalled at the dealer.

    The navigation system is far from ideal--it's small and the screen is too dark--this is the weak link in the car.

    Having this car for eleven years has certainly been cost effective--have put almost no money into it.

    The brakes are a dream--no fade. Power in all gears is wonderful. It's great for both urban and road driving.

    All in all, hit a home run with this one--have never grown tired of it and still can't wait to get in to put the top down.
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