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2009 Ford Flex Long Term Road Test

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image2009 Ford Flex Long Term Road Test

We lived with the 2009 Ford Flex for more than a year. Read all about our daily driving experiences in our long-term road test.

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    wayfarerman2wayfarerman2 Member Posts: 1

    I used your photo collection to change rear pads and rotors and to service the calipers on my 2010 Flex SEL AWD after I purchased the obligatory caliper tool from Princess Auto ($25.00)

    Your photos and commentary made the job very easy and it is a delight to drive the car once more with brakes that work quietly and efficiently. I used Ford rotors and pads with prices comparable with after-market parts.

    I did have to replace one caliper rack as the lower slider pin on the left side had rusted solid after 3 1/2 years of driving on salty Cdn winter roads. The pin broke off when I tried tofree it up. So now I know what to look for when servicing the brakes at seasonal tire change time. Otherwise, the car is running very well at 75000 km.

    Still don't have to do the front brakes as they are working freely with 45-50% of the pads left. Will look again in the fall when changing tires.

    Will keep following your site for great information.


    Robin Allardyce
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    barrettflbarrettfl Member Posts: 3
    edited September 2017
    I am getting ready to change the original pads and rotors in our 2010 Flex Limited FWD that has 126K miles. I would say we have gotten very good service and life from these.

    I will get the caliper compression tool and anti friction graphite grease you referenced but I would like to know the torque specs for the calipers and the lug nuts if available.

    Also, do you have an opinion between semi-metallic and ceramic pads?

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    rdholt00rdholt00 Member Posts: 1
    Great instructions! My lower caliper slider bolt just spins around, it does not loosen or tighten, any thoughts?
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