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How To Tell if Your Body Shop Did the Job Correctly

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imageHow To Tell if Your Body Shop Did the Job Correctly

Body shop experts describe what to look for when your car has been repaired, and what to do if the work hasn't been done properly.

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    freayifreayi Member Posts: 2
    Thanks for sharing! I actually ended up taking my car to get an auto body repair job done, and they didn't do such a great job. So I had to find someone else who could fix their problems. Next time, I'll keep your post in mind. Thanks!
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    rabrabrabrab Member Posts: 1
    I took my 2006 Cadillac in to the body shop to be painted for being sand an salt blasted by semi-trucks, was to replace grill paint, hood,part of both sides of car. when it was done, the paint did not matach, then they said they would have to paint the entire car except the top of the car. after they painted the color was purple, which our car in grey not purple,we are so upset, they said please give them another chance.which we agreed,what a mistake. this all started april 2, all we have had in lie after lie, said it's going to be done this day and that day,we still don't have our car.they will not return my car. or return my phone calls. I believe they should not be in business. what can I do?
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    sargent3sargent3 Member Posts: 1
    I took my 2011 Genesis to a shop to repair a trunk which was caused by vandals who also broke my rear glass but after a closer look the job wasn't done well and they agreed to correct it . coincidentally a lady ran a stop sign and Iran into her and it damaged my bumper. Her insurance co. gave an estimate of $643. they also suggested their select body shop who gave an estimate of $1382.and that is when I went to the body shop who previously repaired my trunk who estimated at $995.The difference in the estimates was due to either repairing the bumper or replacing it If I choose my body shop am I going to have to shell out the $352.00extra or will I have to comply with her insurance companies estimate?
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