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imageReport Predicts Demise of Volvo and Mitsubishi in the U.S.

Volvo and Mitsubishi are among the 10 brands sold in America that 24/7 Wall St. predicts will disappear before 2014.

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  • stovt001_stovt001_ Member Posts: 799
    Why is the "Just the Facts" section repeated verbatim in the first three paragraphs, and what are the other 8 brands since the article mentioned the reporting naming 10 brands?
  • kiiwiikiiwii Member Posts: 318
    couldn't be happier Volve get the F out of US. bought a brand new S80. the transmission crapped out after 2.5 yrs right under 30000 miles. Volvo installed a REFURBISHED unit and refused to replace with a brand new one.
  • fortstringfortstring Member Posts: 111
    Don't think the "report" is accurate for Volvo. Volvo's buyers are among the wealthiest/most fiscally sound. They're starting to listen to their core buyers by releasing the V60. It's true though that Volvo needs to introduce more models. The only compelling offering as of now is the S60/V60. I wouldn't say that they would bow out of the United States, though; that seems a bit of a stretch to claim.
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