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American Consumers Should Beware of Great Deals on Canadian Cars, According to

Santa Monica, CA - June 20, 2002 - Did you get an unbelievable deal buying a nearly new used vehicle?

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  • mvg2mvg2 Member Posts: 1
    Federal law requires odometers to display speed in mph for imported cars. Most cars sold in Canada comply with this requirement as they have the speed displayed both in km/h and mph. Therefore an odometer swap is not mandated by law as indicated in the article. However, I suspect that a shady importer may swap odometers in order to raise fewer questions.
    Also nothing prevents the importer from removing the original maple leaf door jamb label and replace it with (or have it covered up by) a new one purporting a US manufactured vehicle.
  • applecreeker2applecreeker2 Member Posts: 1
    Funny that since a lot of American brands are made in Canada we should be careful NOT to buy a Canadian car. This is a marketing problem created by tariffs and border disputes, not by cars.
  • schwinnhundschwinnhund Member Posts: 2
    What a garbage article. None of the problems described are unique to Canada. American car salesmen have also turned back odometers, got bogus titles, sold stolen vehicles, etc...This is nothing new. You need to check your auto carefully before buying it.

    As far as kilometers vs. miles, this is not a problem. it is not illegal for a car to register in kilometers instead of miles. You just need to remember that 55 mph is 88 kph. And it is easy to convert the odo. readings into miles.

    This is a non-issue, and wasn't even worth an article. Anyone who has bought very many used cars already knows about this stuff.
  • schwinnhundschwinnhund Member Posts: 2
    Federal law only requires odometers to register in miles on cars manufactured in the United States, or on new cars imported into the US. If you took a classic Aston-Martin, or a MG and converted the odo, you would destroy the collector value of it. Used cars are always sold "As-Is".

    I have had several used foreign cars with metric speedometers and odometers. It's never been a problem.
  • krisjeeperkrisjeeper Member Posts: 1
    Tilly2015, I would like to know what ended up happening with your friend and his vehicle. I, too, purchased an almost new Jeep Wrangler (9,000 miles). When I called for warranty work, I was told the vehicle was improperly imported from Canada. I didn't even know the vehicle came from Canada. I am going to have to sue the used car dealership, obviously. But was wondering what your friend ended up doing.
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