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imageComparison Test: 2011 Chevrolet Cruze LTZ vs. 2012 Ford Focus Titanium

Edmunds full comparison test between the 2011 Chevrolet Cruze and the 2012 Ford Focus. Includes instrumented test data, on-road driving impressions, specs, photos and video.

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  • crabgrasscrabgrass Member Posts: 2
    We just returned from a four day trip on which we rented a 2012 Ford Focus. All of your observations concenring the engine, transmission, suspension and brakes of this car seemed to be right on. HOWEVER, YOUR REPORTING ON DRIVER COMFORT REALLY MISSES THE MARK. My trouser inseam is only 32 yet this car has seriously insufficient leg room evern for me. Though I didn't drive the car more than a couple hours at a time I soon started to refer to it as the torture chamber! To make matters worse the park brake handle is so located that if I chose to draw my right foot back and place my right knee to the right it rested against the very hard park brake handle. Just for giggles I stopped by a chevy dealership on the way home and sat in a Cruze. What a difference! The Cruze had all kinds of leg room. How could your reviewers possibly have missed such a glaring difference?!
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