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Tesla Motors Claims Victory in Dismissed Lawsuit Against Top Gear Posts: 9,975
edited September 2014 in Tesla

imageTesla Motors Claims Victory in Dismissed Lawsuit Against Top Gear

Tesla Motors is claiming victory even though a United Kingdom appeals court dismissed a libel lawsuit from the automaker against the BBC show Top Gear.

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  • ejsimonejsimon Posts: 6
    Although I wasn't in the market for a Tesla, I walked away from that episode thinking Tesla was a piece of garbage. I actually think Tesla should have won the case vs Top Gear. They most definitely affected public opinion in a very negative way towards Tesla and I'm sure chased potential customers away.
  • Tesla is rght. The company and all Tesla's models are perfect. No need to test anymore. Why bother, this company don't need anymore improvement. Thye rae PREFCTE !!!
  • stovt001_stovt001_ Posts: 799
    Man these guys are paranoid. Top Gear criticizes everybody, but only Tesla takes it seriously. They have a major persecution complex.
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