Fuel system chemicals- are they necessary??

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Is this stuff really benefical, or just hope in a bottle?


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    BG 44K is a blessing in a bottle. It's something you use once a year to clean the fuel system, from the lines, to the combustion chamber.

    That is the only fuel additive in gasoline engines that I support.
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    Can I use two bottles at one time? I want two order some BG 44K and pour two bottles in and fill the tank with Chevron 93 octane

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    All gasolines contain additives which are designed to keep your motor clean. So, in a perfect world, there should be no problems and no need for extra additives.

    But, this world isn't perfect and everyone gets a bad tank of gas now and then whether you realize it or not. The fuel is either old and starting to chemically decompose or it's contaminated with water, etc ...

    Two of my co-workers had to have their cars de-carboned this year ... and that wasn't exactly cheap.

    I use a couple bottles of Red Line Complete Fuel System Cleaner and isopropyl alcohol each year to keep everything dry and clean. Occasionally, a bottle of Chevron Techron goes in the tank as well. All this stuff (I spend about $15 per year on it) is VERY cheap insurance.

    --- Bror Jace
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    My sister drove to my house and her van was running rough and blue smoke was coming out. Took it to my mechanic, The EGR valve and PCV valve were completely clogged with carbon. Replaced these valves and then did a 45 Minute machine fuel system treatment. NOw it runs great.
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    I never tried 2 cans of BG 44K at once. What I did was 2 BG 44K treatments in a row, then every year thereafter (for about 2 years) a can annually.

    I heard BG 44K is great in diesels also (from some in tdiclub.com)
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    I have a 1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee V8 with 109k miles on it. The last several months the engine has been running rough at times. I considered over the counter cleaners but I decided to have a shop do a power clean for 1 hour. There is a very noticeable improvement in idle and acceleration. I asked the service manager about over the counter cleaners and he acknowledged that some probably do work. He cautioned not to "add 2 bottles", more is not better when you do it yourself. I guess at this point, if my vehicle keeps running ok for some extended period of time, I think I will go back and have the fuel system (rails & injectors) power cleaned instead of using over the counter stuff. Time will tell.
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    It makes a rough engine run smooth, and a smooth engine run better. Power improvement is noticable. Just did the big fuel injection treatment on all 3 of my vehicles. I'm going to do it every 30K, which is about every 3 years for me. Well worth the money.
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    Mr. Detailer, how expensive is that treatment you mentioned?

    I'm guessing using $10-15 worth of additives each year vs. a professional treatment every 5 years or so is a wash in terms of cost.

    --- Bror Jace
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    I use a couple ounces of Amsoil (amsoil.com) performance improver (upper cylinder lube/injector cleaner) in my 87 Ranger & 95 Taurus every 2,000 miles. The Ranger has 213,000 miles on it, Taurus has 144,000 miles. Have'nt had any injector problems with either vehicle. In fact the both still have the original fuel pumps. I'm wondering if the upper cylinder lube is somehow good for the pumps also? The Taurus has one in-tank pump, the Ranger has a pump in each tank plus a frame mount. Bought both vehicles new.
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    I use Amsoil performance improver (amsoil.com) its a combination injector cleaner/upper cylinder lube.
    My 87 Ranger has 214,000 miles my wifes 95 Taurus has 144,000. Ive never had any injector problems with either car. Both cars were bought new. I use 2 ounces in the gas every 2,000 miles. I've never had to replace the fuel pumps in either car. I'm wondering if the upper cylider lube is also good for the fuel pumps? The Taurus has one in tank pump. The Ranger has one pump in each tank & one frame mount.
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    I use the concentrated PI as well, on three cars it gets squirted into every tankful (I just keep it in trunk). Longest running one has 143,000 miles and used since new. Others were pre owned cars. Does it work. Honestly don't know. Have not had a fuel pump or injector problem on any car since my 77 VW Rabbit so I may just be wasting money. Does it improve mileage, have no idea. Never had injectors cleaned on any car either.

    On another car I used to use the Techron once every 5000 miles or so but cannot find that stuff cheaply anymore. I mix a batch of PI and gas and use that for the other cars every 5000 or so.

    Again, probably wasting money.
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    Each Treatment cost me $125.00. The cars are all very quiet and smooth. I've been seeing a 3--5 MPG increase since the procedure. And since the power is up I definitely drive a little more aggressively. It's great to put the fun back in driving the cars.

    What's amazing to me is that the engine sounds like everything is running with less effort.
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