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imageNew-Car Home Delivery

Skip the wait and have your new car delivered to your home.

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  • victusvitavictusvita Member Posts: 1
    this is awesome!
  • JMillertimeJMillertime Member Posts: 6
    I would look into how much it costs before agreeing to have the dealership transport a new car. If they include in the price of sale, great. If not, I might see what prices an independent shipper would charge. As the article mentions, not all dealers will deliver anyway and some just partner with a shipping company. That means you'll only have the option to use their shipper at whatever price it is. Looking around helps and some are cheaper than others. As an example, I shipped a car last year with this company and they were several hundred dollars cheaper than others I looked at. Granted it was a long trip, but still well worth the time.
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