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2013 Scion FR-S Long Term Road Test Posts: 10,006
edited September 2014 in Scion

image2013 Scion FR-S Long Term Road Test

Edmunds conducts a Long-Term Test of the 2013 Scion FR-S and learns that it responds well to cold air and high octane.

Read the full story here



  • quadricyclequadricycle Posts: 827
    Probably not much of a power gain, but the extra $5 it cost to fill up with 93 is worth in my opinion to get a more willing engine. Sounds like you think so too.
  • fordson1fordson1 Posts: 1,512
    Probably the 93 is worth 4-5 hp peak, but gains at all rpm. The cold - probably the same or a bit less.

    Interesting to see how the Carerra does with it. There are a whole bunch of places in SoCal where you can buy higher octane fuels.
  • cotakcotak Posts: 89
    "Butt Dyno" nuff said.
  • fortstringfortstring Posts: 111
    Sexy [non-permissible content removed], man.
  • huybuihuybui Posts: 0
    did it eliminate the flat spot in the mid range?
  • henry4hirehenry4hire Posts: 106
    I bought a Lucas Octane booster and it felt like it helped a little bit. I am sure it brought it close to the 93 octane found outside California. I know there is a Unocal 76 in Pasadena that sells 100 Octane racing gas for like $8 a gallon. Naturally on anything other than a racecar, that stuff is worthless.
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