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2012 Toyota Prius C Long Term Road Test Posts: 10,006
edited September 2014 in Toyota

image2012 Toyota Prius C Long Term Road Test

A high level of connectivity in the cabin is a big part of our long-term 2012 Toyota Prius C's appeal for me. But it doesn't always work without a hitch.

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  • Well you can probably start your fantasy baseball planning by avoiding the Angels pitching staff like the plague. I'm loving having spring training games to get me through the workday again. I'm not loving the Angels 0-4 Cactus league record and they're currently well on their way to 0-5 today.
  • Smartphones? Cars? Hybrids? BASEBALL?? Ok, I'm confused. sorry
  • May I suggest the radcial concept of just sitting in the car and driving it?
  • May I suggest the radcial concept of just sitting in the car and driving it?
  • fordson1fordson1 Posts: 1,512
    On paper, the idea that your phone provides all this functionality, in car and out of car, sounds great. In practice, you deal with plugging, unplugging, fishing your phone out of your pocket/holster/purse, establishing/reestablishing connection with the car whether with cord or Bluetooth, your playlist starting over again every time you reestablish that connection, cords, phones sliding around, trying to prop the thing up so you can read it, laws (both literal and commonsense) against dicking around with a handheld cell phone while you're driving...
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