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2003 Toyota Corolla Road Test Posts: 9,969
edited September 2014 in Toyota

image2003 Toyota Corolla Road Test

An Road Test Review of the 2003 Toyota Corolla featuring reviews of its performance, comfort, function, design and build quality.

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  • I have owned a 2003 Corolla CE for 11 years and have put over 200,000 trouble free miles on it. Everything still works like the day I took delivery. I have replaced tires, one battery, two brake jobs, and front wheel bearings (once each). That's it. I average 42 miles per gallon. I'm sure that on the open market this car would be almost worthless, but to me its priceless. Sure, its not exciting. But I can live without the excitement of wondering if my car is going to start. In 11 years it has never failed to start, even when stored outside in our brutal Ottawa winters. 15 below F, no problem. Just turn the key.
    To sum up, this car is the epitome of durability and quality construction. The most reliable car I have ever owned.
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