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Electric Charging Station Etiquette for Plug-In Cars

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imageElectric Charging Station Etiquette for Plug-In Cars

Plug-in cars are coming in greater numbers. Just in time, here's a guide to etiquette at public electric car-charging stations.

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  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Member Posts: 1,207
    If batteries are universal say 3 types like the gas grades, then the recharge and range problems will be gone.

    3 types of pre-charged batteries available in gas stations. If all EV have a simple door & drawer design, used battery is pulled out and immediately fresh one push in.
  • uranisuranis Member Posts: 1
    Having driven a pure EV for 18 months, you learn to live - hapily - with a 100 mile range and cheap home charging. The problem is not charging etiquette. The problem is GM for putting a crappy hybrid out there that "forces" people to drive on batteries alone as much as possible.
  • yellowwaterdogyellowwaterdog Member Posts: 1
    Hi John,

    Great tutorial! This should be supplied with every new EV.
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