2013 Cadillac ATS Long Term Road Test

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image2013 Cadillac ATS Long Term Road Test

: Edmunds conducts a Long-Term Test of the 2013 Cadillac ATS and finds a false headlight warning.

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  • cobrysoncobryson Member Posts: 110
    I haven't looked to see what's equipped, but perhaps it could be a failure of any automatic steering/leveling features it has?
  • stovt001_stovt001_ Member Posts: 799
    This feature (if it worked) would be helpful for taillights. When I first started driving and got my first car I drove around for weeks with a a burned out taillight because my friends didn't deem it necessary to inform me.
  • mercedesfanmercedesfan Member Posts: 365
    My wife's old SL500 would do this. You'd be driving along and it would suddenly panic and throw out 2 or 3 faults, usually burned out bulbs. If you restarted the car everything would reset and be just fine again. I'm not so sure it is complimentary to associate the ATS' electrical system with that of an early 2000's MB.
  • oachalonoachalon Member Posts: 12
    GM has been sending updates through onstar for this issue. I received this update last month on my ATS. Edmunds needs to take a look at this, as there is a software update that resolves this issue.
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