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imageDrive by Numbers - Fisker Karma beyond the Bieber

Edmunds' Senior Analyst looks at who, besides pop star Justin Bieber, is driving the Fisker Karma

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    Never one to shy away from a writing challenge, phc decided to weigh in on the RAM3500 trade-in. The story you are about to see is true; the names have been changed to protect the innocent.

    Once upon a time, a rich uncle bestowed phc with a baby unicorn. That baby unicorn turned out to be the fastest unicorn in all the land. And when the unicorn wasn’t breaking records on the cloudtrack, phc drove into many a sunset in her ram 3500 with Unicorn in tow. After winning a record number of racing medals, Unicorn decided to go into early retirement from the sport. Unicorn is looking forward to peaceful evenings on the porch playing cards with her BFFL, phc. In anticipation of racing retirement, phc recognized that there was no longer a need for a heavy duty pickup, so they decided to apply the race winnings toward a fancy new car, hence the Fisker Karma.
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