2014 Toyota 4Runner: New Look, Old-School Powertrain

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image2014 Toyota 4Runner: New Look, Old-School Powertrain

The redesigned 2014 Toyota 4Runner was unveiled on Saturday, showing off an aggressive new look, but keeping many old-school details.

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  • oldparnelloldparnell Member Posts: 37
    Goodness gracious - someone got loose with a chainsaw on the front end.
  • darda71darda71 Member Posts: 0
    New Look? well typical Toyota change the grill and call it all new.
    Already looks outdated for a 2014 Model and the interior is hideous plasticky looking.
  • cjasiscjasis Member Posts: 274
    Holy smokes that thing is FUGLY!
  • gam2gam2 Member Posts: 316
    OK, who designs this junk? I thought the new Jeep Cherokee was butt ugly but it may actually take a back seat to this. Not just ugly, but Aztek/Juke ugly. WOW!
  • ddennerlineddennerline Member Posts: 0
    Wowee!! That frontend will SCARE CHILDREN....Looks like it ran into a wall....My bulldog likes it tho....
  • wagenguywagenguy Member Posts: 1
    ugliest. thing. ever.
  • morey000morey000 Member Posts: 384
    It's not that the face is so ugly (although, it ain't pretty), it's that it's completely incongruous with the side view which is rather plain. And, as usual, the interior is right out of the 1980's... with a video screen. Since all vehicles are pretty reliable these days- Makes you want to fall in love with American car companies again.
  • horsepwr1horsepwr1 Member Posts: 9
    Wow is that thing ugly!
  • stillwalkingstillwalking Member Posts: 4
    I thought it was kinda ugly at first, but like an English Bulldog... so ugly, it's "cute." I'm already used to it. Toyota will either be called bland or bold with each redesign. You can't please everybody. This looks like a robotic mutt, but I've seen worse.
  • financeman2financeman2 Member Posts: 5
    That looks like something out "Transformers".......it would be hard to make something that hideous looking without considerable effort. Toyota...what are you doing?
  • usa1fan_usa1fan_ Member Posts: 19
    They could've at least picked one that hadn't been in an accident to display to the public. No, wait.. Roll this thing over a few times, then run it into a wall, and it'll look better!
  • festus67festus67 Member Posts: 4
    Now we know where the designer of the Pontiac Aztek landed...
  • cj_mcj_m Member Posts: 1
    It can be aggressive and good looking; Toyota has chosen differently. 4Runner once got it right, but they are doing their only few competitors a big favour in 2014. Toyota, look at who buys 4Runner, and do your research. See all the responses, fix the styling (or just simply continue 2013 and add some freebies), and make a few dollars from your unique but last breed, old but proven platform.
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