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This Hyundai Salesman Learned What Customers Hate and Does the Opposite Posts: 10,059
edited September 2014 in Hyundai

imageThis Hyundai Salesman Learned What Customers Hate and Does the Opposite

Studying unhappy customers early in his career helped Keyes Hyundai's Richard Chan become one of the top salespeople for the brand in the country.

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  • pqlyur1pqlyur1 Posts: 14
    Blasphemer! You're supposed to run back and forth between the sales manager and the customer at least 5 times with different payments then inform the customer the car they wanted isn't available but you have this loaded version for just $50/mo more.
  • jeffinohjeffinoh Posts: 156
    Its so simple and yet so brilliant- have enough respect for the customer to give them what they want. Most dealers really think they can lie to and manipulate people and still win the game. They never even consider that an informed consumer is ready to buy if you can meet his needs. Sites like edmunds allow people to make the purchase decision at home. All a smart agent has to do is close the deal.
  • I went with my dad last time to buy a car. The salesman asked if we wanted literature, we said sure. After a bit we got up to leave and found him standing at the desk with his buddies gloating about how he was "wearing us down". I literally pointed at him and laughed, no sale for you boy!
  • pommahpommah Posts: 71
    Sometime in about 2017-2018, the last stupid customer will walk into an auto showroom. Yet 90% of salespeople treat everybody as if they are that stupid guy
  • smulveysmulvey Posts: 139
    My last deals were with Dorschel Kia and Vision Kia in Rochester Ny.

    In each case, after I already had "bought " the car and had the plates and insurance issued and on the car, each dealer makes me sit in a "delivery " seesion FORCES ME to sit in a post sale "sale" where they try to make me buy more stuff to add on the car. I tried to explain a car that is on lease for 36 months, an dhas a 100K mile warranty does not need rust proofing and an extended warranty.

    It is just awful how Rochester NY Car Dealers think people would WANT to sit through this crap. But they do!
  • I purchased a vehicle from Richard last month...I had gone to another dealer, took a few vehicles for a test drive, and decided on the car I wanted...they did not have what I wanted as far as color, options, etc..They kept trying to sell me on another vehicle. The next day I spoke with Richard, and told him what I wanted...I live 50 miles away, so I wasn't making the trip unless He had what I wanted at a good price. He said he had the vehicle and quoted me the price I was expecting to pay! I filled out the application online, drove to Key's Hyundai. My car was detailed, full gas tank and ready to go!! We signed docs and I was on my way back home with in an hour. Thanks Richard for valuing my time.
  • greenponygreenpony Chicago, ILPosts: 531
    When I was shopping for a new car last August, I worked almost exclusively online. allowed me to automatically get price quotes from area dealerships. After seeing the cars in person, and test driving them, all my negotiating was done via email or text message. Once we agreed on a price, all I had to do was show up and sign. Still, communicating this way has its downsides. One salesman did not have the car prepped at all when I showed up for the scheduled test drive - dirty inside and out. I didn't buy from him. A different salesman simply would not leave me alone despite being told repeatedly that I had bought a different car and was no longer in the market. Still, I was not displeased with the overall experience.
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