Warped brake Rotors



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    It took some digging but the spec I came up with was minimum thickness = .810". Most of my books only go back as far as 1970. To verify it, you might want to remove one of the rotors and check on the inside of the hub area. The min thickness should be cast or stamped in there, although it might be hard to read due to corrosion.

    Use .003" as max runout with 0 wheel bearing play, and .0005" max parallelism or thickness variation measured with a micrometer at 6 points evenly spaced around the rotor. Both can be checked on the car, easier to do with the caliper removed.
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    One rotor measured.77 and the other .78 which, to me, is close to .81. As the car is driven about 250 miles a year, I'm considering not replacing them. They are not warped and were turned once at 96,000 in 1987. I'm tempted to just install new cables and loaded calipers. If the measures were .57 and .58, I'd be more inclined to get new ones. Again, thank you for making the determination and your help.
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    with some heavy Tri-M-Ite so they help seat the new pads. just a little figure-8 and cross-hatching so the shine turns dull in the braking area, nothing to affect the thickness really.
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