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BMW Unveils X4 Concept at 2013 Shanghai Auto Show

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imageBMW Unveils X4 Concept at 2013 Shanghai Auto Show

The X4 Concept unveiled at the Shanghai auto show demonstrates that BMW sees an X6-like sport character as the best fit for a crossover to fit the gap between X3 and X5.

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  • wolvesqwolvesq Member Posts: 20
    BMW knows they're competing against the Evoque here right? This mutant is hideous in comparison. Maybe it will be faster but people don't buy this class of cute ute for speed. They buy it for the style. If an Evoque is an Armani suit, this is something Lawrence Welk would wear.
  • dfelix70dfelix70 Member Posts: 143
    WTH is going on at BMW? X1, X3, 3GT and now the X4. Can you say overkill? And, yes, I agree with wolvesq that neither this X4 nor the other aforementioned cars can compete with the Evoque on style.
  • alex38alex38 Member Posts: 30
    Every bit as hideous as the 5-series GT and the x6. Good money chasing a bad idea...Audi's A7 works because it's not trying to be a quasi SUV. BMW has just completely missed it here..
  • x4mex4me Member Posts: 2
    Love this car, some nice details did not make it to production version, but the production version is close. This concept look more close to the XLine, I do not like the M line as much. The car looks nicer in my opinion in darker colors and Lighting package (LED) is a must have.
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