2005 Mercedes-Benz CL65 AMG Long-Term Road Test

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image2005 Mercedes-Benz CL65 AMG Long-Term Road Test

One of the license plate lights on our 2005 Mercedes-Benz CL65 is out

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  • mdm080333mdm080333 Member Posts: 5
    For a bit of humor, would you please ask the service writer for a quote?
  • kirkhilles_kirkhilles_ Member Posts: 151
    I'm sure the dealership would've ONLY charged $500 to replace that...

    Pretty cool function, though on the minder. Why is it that a 10 year old car knows when a bulb is out but not on any modern vehicles?
  • 330i_zhp330i_zhp Member Posts: 55
    If only all diagnostics were so easy...
  • ocramidajzjocramidajzj Member Posts: 91
    I like this feature on my VW. On my previous cars I had to rely on someone telling me or getting pinged at the yearly inspection. Checking switched illumination was easy. Just turn them on and look. But brake lights are harder unless you back up to a reflective surface or enlist someone to look while you press the brake.
  • dg0472dg0472 Member Posts: 89
    "Why is it that a 10 year old car knows when a bulb is out but not on any modern vehicles?"

    Probably other manufacturers are sweating silly stuff, like making hydraulic systems that don't continually fail, instead of the big stuff like this.

    Also, many high-end cars now have LED tag lights and it'll be quite a while before a light goes out, probably on the 2nd owner.
  • expensivehobbyexpensivehobby Member Posts: 91
    Something is wrong with this car? Shocking!! I now look for these posts to see the latest malady and how long Edmunds will put up with it all. Seriously, though, on a 10 year old car, this is nothing.
  • emajoremajor Member Posts: 332
    You need the service department to remove the license plate frame? Do you know what a phillips-head screwdriver looks like?
  • pg123456789_pg123456789_ Member Posts: 3
    Just drop into any MB dealer and they'll do it on the spot for free (bulb and labour). In my last two MBs, they did just that.
  • fordson1fordson1 Unconfirmed Posts: 1,512
    My 2011 GTI can tell me if any bulb is out and if my front brake pads are worn down, and my 2000 Passat could tell me those things also, but my wife's 2007 Sienna Limited (just under $39k in 2007) doesn't tell us anything about bulbs being out or brake pads wearing out. This is one thing the Germans definitely do better than the Japanese.
  • jinxed13jinxed13 Member Posts: 1
    Why don't more cars have this feature? My '02 Avalon let me know when I had a burned out tail light. Also please change them both lights so we don't have to revisit this issue next month.
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