Dealer Sold New my Silverado to someone else.

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So I ordered a new 1999 Silverado LT in March for
$28,000 out the door. May 9th it arrives at the
dealer and the next day he sells it to someone
else. Has that happened to anyone else?


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    What a bummer!! I've heard of that happening a couple of times, but I can't imagine how mad I'd be if I'd waited all that time for my new truck and it was GONE! What are they going to do about it?
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    I've never heard of it before..But I know I'd be one pissed MO FO!..Especially after waiting since March!

    Not sure what I'd do. It would be somewhere between a whole lotta 4 letter words and a famous line from Al Bundy.."Geez your honor..I don't know where that Shotgun Came from!!??"....

    (Just kidding)
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    I don't like lawyers (I work with too many of them), but in this case, a good lawyer may be your best bet. The dealer has broken his contract with you by failing to deliver the vehicle you ordered in good faith, and (I assume) on which you made a down-payment.

    If the dealer tries to return your deposit, definitely consult counsel before you accept, as acceptance may nullify a breach of contract argument. Depending on the amount of your deposit, the dealer's action may constitute fraud, and a discussion with your state's attorney's office may be in order. Unless you deposited several thousand dollars, this is unlikely.

    DO NOT lose your temper, make threats, or any other "emotional" responses. DO make sure you have your copy of the contract, the factory order number, documentation of your conversations with the dealer, and validation that he did indeed sell "your" truck to someone else. If possible get the name and address of that person, and the VIN number of the vehicle as corroborative evidence.

    Good luck in a very bad situation.
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    "I here-by order the Chevy dealer to give the plaintiff one year 2000 Silverado outfitted as he chooses free of charge with lifetime fill-ups".
    I strongly agree with "curious2know" on this one. I have a lawyer who'd have a picnic with that dealer.
    Hell, we would both be driving around with new trucks.
    Don't let them get away with this!
    Bye the way, this new Chevy drives great, kidding!
    Good luck!!!!!!!!!!
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    OK Wiz,
    KC danced around my question rather talentedly.
    So, what purpose do these things serve?
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    Wrong topic. It was meant for #865.
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    How do you know it was "your" truck?

    And while I'm many times have I heard people who ordered complaining about how long, if ever, it takes?

    I'm so sick of hearing about dealers getting the upper hand from people who are dumb enough to think they really are getting built-to-order. Its an illusion.

    Correct me if you can absolutely prove I'm wrong...but do you really think the majority of dealers actually submit your petty little order when their only making $300-500 juice tops? You won't convince me that dealers waste time on onesey-twosey orders when they got a parking lot full of interest-bearing inventory out there.

    Come on, dealers make money selling what they have on the lot. Its a push system - the dealer gets his alotment based on his prior month's performance, local demographics for what sells where and what the dealer guesses he can sell.

    He's set up to TAKE inventory, not go get it. You walk in and order just ONE, which to the dealer is a pain cause now he's gotta track it. Oh, he'll take your order all right. And he'll save it for a rainy day when he really needs the business!
    Then, guess what, he'll find a truck that's already out there that happens to match your order (believe me, they build enough of 'em and they're out there even though you thought your's was special - give me a break!)

    There are probably some people who actually think they got one from the factory. They think they are getting to the front of the line. Get real. If they are shipping product, you or the dealer will find it out there somewhere. If they have not started shipping, you gotta wait anyway...they'll build for the dealers long before they build for you. Quit all this ordering nonsense and have the guts to bargain for what he's got! Don't give the dealer yet another place in your pocket book where he can stick it to you. M2Cents
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    What bad experience did you have that makes you so hostile towards dealers?

    They make about twice what you mentioned...even selling it at invoice. So there is also over invoice profit and other perks the auto makers offer.

    You could always build your own if you don't like the system?

    - Tim
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    we're attempting to purchase a very specific vehicle. a search by several local dealers turned up zilch over the entire country. the "killer" was actually several combo's that just aren't put together. the musts: f350, diesel, 6 speed (manual), lariat, white, SWB (a real "killer"), 4X4, DRW, crew (4 door) cab, A/C. this truck is simply not available. and probably would never be ordered by a dealer primarily because BIG pickups want the BIG bed as well. over 90% (told this by the 2 dealers we spoke with) of the trucks ordered are slush boxes... absolutely a no-go for our intended purpose (of pulling 12,000 pounds of 5th wheel country wide). the concensus in the 5th wheel world (over 8,000 pounds) is to go with manual transmissions & diesel engines (regardless of vendor). and because this is a long truck as well (and will not be used for other purposes) the SWB cuts the turning radius & therefore makes the thing just a tad bit easier to get around with. people don't purchase this configuration because it's tough to move the truck once it has outlived it's usefulness. so the boilover is: this truck is a special order (there are none left in the country for 1999... and none ordered for y2k by any dealer in this country as of the time of this post (that the dealers in our area can discern). and hey, if you know differently, please let us know... because it's going to be a real pain to have to order this thing & then wait (as you pointed out) who the hell knows how long.

    note also that we will probably order this thing from a tax free state (a $2k savings right off the top as we live in a 6% sales tax state... FL)... probably Delaware as we know someone there (for domocile). afterall, who the hell cares what tag hangs on the back... hmmn? we'll buy the extended warranty & a few other goodies with the diff...
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    If you don't like what's being said or you are so sick of hearing about dealers getting the upper hand from people who are dumb enough to think they really are getting built-to-order, go find another conference! It sounds to me like you are or used to be one of those upper-handed dealers and can't handle the truth.
    Sorry to be so forward, but I don't think that kind of attitude is appreciated here.
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    I used to be a salesman for Toyota, and can only speak for what I saw there. Ksystems was probably half right. The Dealers do definitely want to sell what is available because that way they won't have to wait months before they get to count the sale.

    However, sometimes the dealer is left with no other alternative except to "ORDER" one if there is no other way to get the one the customer wants (But we all know how persuasive those salesman can be - Don't we?).

    I know of several occasions that the vehicle was actually bought that way, made to order. As I said earlier - I have only worked for Toyota and cannot speak for the rest of the industry, but I would bet they all do it the same way.
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    I have ordered several Ford Vehicles built to order. And in most cases the dealer loves it, because they don't have inventory costs associated with a presold unit.
    I ordered a new car and followed the update reports. I saw the reports with the ordered date, followed by a scheduled, bucked, built and ship dates. It arrived exactly as the reports showed. Now if a unit is special ordered through Ford and I believe Chrysler the customer name is printed right on the Window Sticker. How is that for personalization.
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    Just got called this morning to pick up my ordered 2000 Ranger - the second Ford I've ordered (first was the 95 F-150 4X4 SC I'm driving). The first took less than 4 weeks from order to delivery, this one was ordered 09/02 and arrived late 10/13 - not bad. When I'm paying 20k plus for a product, I expect to be able to get exactly what I want. Right equipment, color, delete decals (like the 4X4 Off Road when ordering the F-150) or other options to suit me - not the purchase agent at the dealership. It has been a positive experience for me twice - and I'll likely repeat the process for my next vehicle. I like to shop where I feel my preferences matter and I feel treated fairly.
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    The reason people complain about long delivery times is that the trucks ARE built for us. Sales people don't have to do as much goofing around the lot or calling all over the place to find the right truck when people order. You just receive the order, place it, follow it, and deliver. Not a lot of work for $500 (or whatever the sales person and dealer make). The whole time they can be peddling the autos off the lot, too. Sure, they are going to focus on selling off the lot at MSRP, but it doesn't take a hell of a lot of time to place an order.

    Sure, there are good and bad things about ordering. You get exactly what you want. You have to wait a while. You pay a little less. If you don't need the truck that day, it's not bad to wait a few weeks. At least it gives you a chance to sell your car on your own instead of trading it in, if you want. My last truck from Chrystler came with my name on the order. Is that a conspiracy and forgery?

    Oh, damn it, I spent way too much time and energy on your lame comments.
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