2013 Toyota RAV4 Earns Poor Rating in Small Overlap Crash Test

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image2013 Toyota RAV4 Earns Poor Rating in Small Overlap Crash Test

The redesigned 2013 Toyota RAV4 earned a poor rating for performance in the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety's small overlap front crash test.

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  • jeffinohjeffinoh Member Posts: 156
    More bad news- the offset nature of the force caused the driver's head to miss the front AND side airbag, tunneling into the gap between them. This is a tough crash test. Is the scenario based on real crashes in the real world? Do cars really hit so fast at such slight angles??? Doesn't seem fair to manufacturers to have to prepare for this.
  • guanoguano Member Posts: 0
    Apparently the IIHS thought they were losing relevance. Just when cars are starting to get lighter, this will make them heavier, add complexity and add cost for an accident that may never happen. When does the safety [non-permissible content removed] stuff stop? A piece of rebar can go through your window and impale you. Do we need 3 inch thick glass so this doesn't happen? You can get decapitated by being crushed between 2 tractor trailers. Do we need cars made out of inch thick iron plated ramps, on the front and rear, so this doesn't happen? This is my take-away, safety starts with the driver. If you see an overlap crash about to happen, jerk the wheel and hit the b---ard head on!
  • robs249_robs249_ Member Posts: 42
    I actually saw a "small overlap crash" on the news last week in my town. A Chevy Tahoe hit a tree on the driver side...wheel came off, A-pillar pushed back, Driver door almost shaved off. Both front and side airbags were deployed but the driver area looked seriously compromised and the driver was in serious condition. This type of crash DOES happen and in a panic situation most people try avoiding a head on collision by braking and jerking the wheel, which can lead to these small-overlap crashes. I'm glad the IIHS is taking action to have vehicles improved in this area. I mean really, how often does anyone crash head on into a solid wall?
  • hotrodwhotrodw Member Posts: 0
    These crashes do happen. Even before the test was established, Volvo recognized the issue and has been designing their cars accordingly. It's the difference between trying to design safety into cars to protect people in the best way possible vs designing cars to pass a standardized crash test. Kudos to Volvo for taking a proactive approach to safety.
  • openeyes1openeyes1 Member Posts: 22
    The swarms of elevated overweight SUV's on our roadways, have caused so many deadly accidents when they strike cars, that it's about time that tests show that they're not as safe as people think.
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