Ford F 350 Tire Size

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I have 2001 Diesel F350 SD Crew Cab 8' bed. Stock tires are P265 75R 16. Can I move up to a P285 75R 16 and use the original wheels? Was wondering if anyone has up their tire size and can provide details and results.


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    I dont believe anyone makes a P285.

    You would have to go up to an LT285

    Also just curious your truck came with P rated tires? On a 1 ton truck? Seens kinda odd
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    You are correct I should have have said "LT"
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    I dont know if they will fit your ford but i would suggest the BFG all terrain Ta's. I have 285's on my 1500 silverado. So far with 15K miles they have been great
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    Do you have a SRW or a DRW? If you have the SRW, go for it. Those should look great. If, however, you have the DRW, be very careful. The dual rear tires CANNOT TOUCH UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES!!!!!! If they do, they will rub each other and create a lot of heat, causing a definite failure. The only solution I have heard of is to install a spacer between the rims. I have never seen one in use, so I don't know how they look or how good they work.
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    I have the SRW but was skeptical about putting the LT285 on the standard size wheel. I too think they would look great. I don't want to buy new wheels if I don't have to! Thanks for the response.
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    My buddy has a F350 & he put on Mickey Thomson 285's on the original rims. They fit & look great!!
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    I have the 285's on my 2WD.

    Ryan, I gotta smirk at your comment. Anything that fits under a 1500 silverado 4WD, torsion bars turned or not, will fit under a Super Duty with room to spare.

    Buddy with the sierra 4WD just realized that my truck WASN'T 4WD!!! He's like, "it sits higher, has more clearance between fenders and it's only a 2WD???"
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    Thanks for all the information. My truck is 4wd and I will put on the LT285 tires.....Thanks!

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    I wasnt sure i didnt want to post any false info. I do not know the rim size either
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