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2014 Buick Regal First Drive

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image2014 Buick Regal First Drive

The 2014 Buick Regal gets a midcycle refresh that adds more power and a suspension that delivers less roll and more refinement. We take a drive to see if it's worth a second look.

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  • are there braking 60-0 numbers available? I didn't realize at 190" this is really a midsize; for some reason it looks smaller.
  • The Regal GS looks like an impressive entry-level sports sedan especially the new torque-vectoring all-wheel-drive. The styling is also pretty sharp. I just wish the flagship LaCrosse was a little sportier and more dynamic (perhaps a GS version?). I think it still looks a little too much like traditional American luxury and it does not seem to invite direct comparison to premium import brands like Audi. Also, I wouldn't mind seeing a premium sports coupe added to Buick's line-up. Just my two cents.
  • If they brought over the wagon version that they have in Europe, this would go right to the top of my next car test drive list. I like the interior refresh, not sure about the exterior yet except for the GS. Somehow I think the pre-refresh exterior on the standard car looked better. It's subtle, but I think the grill looked better before.

    +1 on a Buick coupe. I'd like to see something similar to a G37 coupe - "aggressive elegance" with solid performance to back it up. Must be RWD or AWD. And don't call it Riviera.
  • @ metalmania- you stole the words right out of my mouth. Any word if the Regal GNX is still a possibility?
  • I would like to thank Buick for offering AWD on the Regal. I am now seriously considering purchasing the '14 GS. Now that that is said, I will also say, this car is ALMOST there. This car desperately needs an 8 or 9 speed automatic. Even though the GS has more power than the A4, it's Audis 8 speed transmission and GEARING that gets the A4 to 60mph much quicker. I was hoping that GM would use an Aisin 8 speed auto in the mean time but unfortunately I guess we all have to wait another 2 to 3 years before the GM/Ford 9 speed Autos are ready.
  • shatnershatner Posts: 176
    Still slower than a lot of cheaper cars, some of which have more room inside.
  • Nice car. Would be interested in it. But, having gone to the Buick web site and had a go at building a GS, why is there such a limited choice of exterior colors and why do they only offer one interior color, and black at that - too damned hot in the summer! Lighter [but not white/silver ;-)] interior colors look more classy, too, IMHO.
  • greenponygreenpony Chicago, ILPosts: 531
    That's pretty wide gearing. Good thing it has a broad torque curve otherwise that 2-3 shift might make it feel like a dog. Oh, and loping along at 1550 rpm at 60 mph is nice, almost like a modern V8.
  • I knew Buick was going to pull the stick from the GS. It was fun while it lasted right? Even though my budget did not allow me to own one. I guess I can still lust for the ATS in stick then.
  • I priced an AWD GS out with plenty of options for 40,450, which is still less than a FWD V6 TSX it competes with.

    A couple cons as mentioned earlier by wackford; only 5 exterior colors and only one interior color available. The other is that this 2014 Regal needs GM's new 8 spd transmission. Once the 8 spd is available and they consider adding exterior/interior color options, this car will be on my radar for my next purchase. However, a RWD ATS or Q50 is another option.
  • @ issacl - I could be mistaken but I think the stick is still available on the GS, but only on FWD models.

    About other cars being quicker and roomier while costing less - I won't deny that but I think this is a case of looking at the whole package. Assu
  • I have to admit that it's a sharp look'in buggy & I don't find myself saying that of many offerings from Buick. #30K base is a bit scary & 40 is out of range.
    Nice to see U.S. brands taking interest in developing vehicles that have enough of the right stuff to be fun & not just another boring appliance.
  • sub 40 grand this would be one of my frist choices although i would still cross shop the handling of the GS cannot be overstated and driving the GS makes you feel like a top-dog vs geetting a lighter-optioned european or japanese competitor and the gs has more stuff standard.

    part of me still wishes oldsmobile was still around so you can get the same powertrain, styleing and chasis with less technology at a lower price because the gs sounds like one fun to drive car and even at it's bargain price its still a lot of money
  • Accord V6 over this Regal any day!
  • This Regal has always been pretty and the update keeps it current. But the base model seems to be borrowing its big sister's shoes. I want to like the Regal cuz its soo pretty, but they're all the same. The Malibu for example can be tailored to suit many tastes and price points. But the Regal is hot bod, bland colors, wheazy engines and premium price. Its easy to love this car but end up buying something else. I wish it was more Opel and less Lexus.
  • @jeff i know what you mean the GS is a whole new animal compared to the regular regal and turbo regal. and most car companies these days especially with badge engineered vehicles what do you really get between the chrysler 300 srt8 that the charger does n
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