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List options that you wished truck makers offered.



  • lariat1lariat1 Member Posts: 461
    Depending on what brand of truck you buy ( Ford Dodge or GM) you can have a truck that does not have all of the options that you do not want.
  • sc0rpi0sc0rpi0 Member Posts: 897
    That's now, and even then Ford bundles 6-CD changer with Ranger. I'm fine and happy with single-disk player, because I don't sit down and program what I'll be listening to on the road...I just listen to what I feel like at the moment. A year from now they'll be sold with standard mp3 player.
  • tbundertbunder Member Posts: 580
    the 6cd changer isn't standard. its an option. single cd player is standard however, and on toyota i do think you pay extra for even a single cd player, right? you stick to the i want to choose ideology simply cuz you own a toyota and everything you got you had to pay for extra. nothing is standard on a toyota. i mean, power locks, mirrors, and windows should be an afterthought when buying a truck. that is why ford offers them standard. factory anti-theft system? ford offers it standard. aluminum wheels? standard on ford. all this stuff and stuff i didn't even mention is an additional cost on any toyota. and dont assume that all these luxuries are standard on ford's larger trucks. they aren't. the stuff the horse dude was talking about was stuff that normal trucks aren't fitted with. this is his complaint. maybe he would like ford to offer something like the king ranch f150 (which btw just spanked the tundra and 1500hd on truck trends new shootout. and it doesn't even have an off-road pkg.

    it all boils down to YOU don't have it, and to have gotten it you would have had to pay extra for it, so you don't like it. period. this is toyota's marketing campaingn at work. we give you the choice. well, who doesn't want power stuff? not very many dont want it.

    and as far as manual t/c's, ford and nissan are the only ones that offer them in a small truck. toyota and gm are both electronic. a lever doesn't simply mean its manual. the fx4 ranger and off-road frontier both are totally manual. oh yeah, toyota even gives you a lever with a button on it, way cool eh? oh yeah, but that is an option as well. why have a lever taking up space with a button that does the same thing on the lever? ford offers electronic shift on the fly standard. ford's got the whole truck thing covered, and no one can compete with them as far s options and configurations.
  • saddaddysaddaddy Member Posts: 566
    I never said he was wrong. If it was totally up to me, and not my pocketbook, I'd be driving a one of those brutes that gets 10mpg just like you. Im just saying, its dumb to complain about a specific person being disrespectful of others' opinions when he is sitting there doing exactly the same thing. I haven't even taken a side, I see both sides, honestly. If I can afford whatever I want in 10 years, you better believe I'll want everything from 35" tires to a big screen tv in the back. Not to mention the onboard welder, air compressor, generator and about $30k more of gawdy extras. I just thought it was kinda backwards the way he was acting.

    Oby- I could have his job ANYDAY, and he knows it. LOL. J/k, don't gag me PLEASSSEEE!

    Tbunder - right on. I have always thought that Ford had the 4wd thing figured out with the hub mechanism on the super duties. That is the best setup by far. If they could only have 2lo as well. Oh and it needs a locker too. haha, have a good one!
  • kg11kg11 Member Posts: 530
    Is right on !It's hard to find the "one only at this price" base model that everyone advertizes.Some of the farmers around here could and would buy alot less in the way of luxury add-ons if they were available that way.I personally would buy a Jeep with no heater,back seats,radio, my CJ2.I'm sure stripped down models like this could be offered for at least 25% less than what is "base model "now.The problem is,they wouldn't sell enough of them at a large enough profit for the dealers to bother with,just like a 4 cyl T-100.

  • thebudsterthebudster Member Posts: 5
    I agree with you. You should not be forced to buy a truck with alot of the luxuries included as "free" because they are standard. The concept of different trim levels has made that more possible, but not perfect. If you choose an XL or an XLT and I choose a Lariet to get to the "add on the more luxury or comfort" options then I should pay for this NOT you. Unfortunately for reasons of perhaps economics the big 3 will force each trim level to accept certain items as standard (hence you really do pay for it) which should be offered as optional.

    We all know that most of the "comfort or convenience" options can be obtained aftermarket. The disadvantage to that as I see it is on several levels. 1)there would be a cost consideration as an option because of the mfg buying in such large quantities 2)install in the aftermarket may not always be the best and 3) convenience of shopping around and purchasing.

    Bottom line is that we all have different needs. I hope that you don't get charged for that Navigation or Homelink system on your new truck that I have requested as an option....Someone wake me up...the thought that any of the big 3 would really listen to my or most others needs is a dream...
  • plutoniousplutonious Member Posts: 799
    GMC doesn't offer knockless engines and vibrationless steering systems as options!
  • tbundertbunder Member Posts: 580
    you know, i have read you post this a lot. and the other day, i just happened to be close to a gmc 2500hd. there was people in it, and i had to go closer to see if it was running or not. it was, and it was almost as quiet as a honda civic. i think you're talking about an early '99 silverado defect or something. because you're the only one i have ever heard ditching these ultra powerful engines. but i bet they will go twice as long as any v8 toyota produces, knock or no knock.
  • plutoniousplutonious Member Posts: 799
    believed that, there wouldn't be umpteen thousands of knocker owners pursuing buybacks and extended warranties.
  • tj_610tj_610 Member Posts: 132
    Go to, go to the forums. In the Ordering information forum, there will be thread or two, "2003 Ordering Guides". Check them out for links to the info you want.

    I agree with both points above. More options are great, standard no-frills truck should still be available. I remember my college roommate busted his butt all summer to get a new Ranger. With his limited funds, he ended up with a model so no-frills, he had to haggle to have a rear bumper added on LOL. Not even AC, and this was in Florida.

    I am purchasing new truck this fall. Would love to see more 5-spd auto transmission availability (Ford SD is getting it with the new diesel).
  • wpalkowskiwpalkowski Member Posts: 493
    Sounds like you've been gettin' an education. Saw a couple of your posts over at ford-diesel. Are you turning to the dark side (diesel) yet for your new truck? :-)

  • sc0rpi0sc0rpi0 Member Posts: 897
    Glad we agree.
    I somewhat see aftermarket parts as a good thing. While manufacturer does buy in bulk, that "bulk" usually means cheapest/least expensive possible parts to maximize profits (this is true for all mass-production vehicles). You end up paying for the part, for the installation of that part, dealer markup, etc. Sometimes it makes no sense to buy those options from a dealer, sometimes it does (power windows would be a lot easier to buy with the truck...those motors are really hard to replace, I can attest to that). With some things like side steps, small accessories, it's a lot easier to get them from aftermarket. You end up saving money on them, even if that's at expense of driving to a shop and buying them. To each their own, I guess....if you bought a truck with GPS nav system, you probably don't care about saving $50.
  • txyank1txyank1 Member Posts: 1,010
    new trucks on the local Chevy Dealers lot in the last 2 years with a seat delete option. For the ones that go straight to the Custom shops I guess. And on another occasion I saw a trim delete option. This apparently didn't sell very well and at the end of the year the Dealer had put the side molding on to move 'em.
  • tbundertbunder Member Posts: 580
    id like some evidence on what you say about the buybacks. like i said, you're the only one who ditches the gm trucks and their "knocks".
    if everyone that has these trucks is trying to get gm to buy them back, how can you explain gm taking over the full-size sales last year. people must like them. and they aren't cheap either. so you can't use that as an excuse.
  • kg11kg11 Member Posts: 530
    The knock started about a month and 2,000 mi later.I nerve heard of the infamous GM engine knock till i'd owned mine for 6 months.

  • tj_610tj_610 Member Posts: 132
    LOL, courtesy of your direction, Obi-wan Palkowski! Thanks again for the ford-diesel link, great site. Won't go too far off-topic here, but so far still looking at V-10 gasser. We'll see, maybe those "new options" will get so attractive I'll end up trading in for an '04 or '05 diesel!

    Gonna slow down posting here and at F-D, though. Startin' to feel like a serious wannabe...time to return to lurking in the shadows ;-)
  • bowhuntwibowhuntwi Member Posts: 262
    It reads like a cat fight, it started out good, then it went down hill.
  • 007spv007spv Member Posts: 3
  • jackkajackka Member Posts: 25
    I'd like to see all manufacturers go back to a standard size radio.

    If the new factory installed one fails (and it will), I can no longer go to the nearest stereo store and pick my favorite for a good price.
  • toadmantoadman Member Posts: 39
    I'd like to see a HUD added as well as a radar system integrated into a GPS map system. On board diagnostics equipment would be nice. Who wants to pay a mechanic to tell you what's wrong when your engine isn't running quite right. It would have a gas-turbine engine producing 3000 HP. A set of folding wings for flights over canyons and those annyoning deep rivers that get in the way of 4x4'ers. It would be painted with radar absorbing paint and would be designed in such a way that radar waves and lasers would not reflect directly back to the scource. Maybe even a built in laptop computer with satellite internet connectevity in the back of the front seat so the kids/passengers can surf the net while on the road. (Crew cab model.) I'd also like to have a mini-fridge built into the arm rest so I can grab a cold one (non-alcoholic of course) when on a long hot drive. Maybe even a small microwave so I could heat up leftovers or pop some popcorn. Heck I've seen campers with some of these gadgets. Why should I have to go out and spend all that money and then have to pull around a trailer. I'd also like to have a hydralic operated roof rack so I'm not always having to stand on tippy toes to load/un-load stuff. Maybe they could offer an adventure version that comes with a pair of mtn bikes, skis, kayaks and climbing gear for the outdoor enthusiast. Of coures it would be free because it would all be standard on the "Adventure Limited Edition Sport" model:)
  • sc0rpi0sc0rpi0 Member Posts: 897
    Would you like an autopilot with that? And a pool in the bed (with a door, of course) so you can take a dip while the autopilot gets you there? Heh.
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