10 Worst James Bond Cars

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image10 Worst James Bond Cars

On the 50th anniversary of the James Bond film franchise, we list the 10 worst cars used by 007.

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    Dear Sirs,
    As per the Ford LTD as a, "terrible James Bond car," I must mildly protest. In June 1972, I at 15, my friend at 16, and his father at 39, drove from Denver to Memphis Tennessee for the United States Karate Association's (USKA) national tournament. Over 2,000 people competed. Mr G. let his son drive from the outskirts of Amarillo, TX. to the Arkansas state line while he slept, or pretended to. The distance is almost 500 miles. During the first stretch of about 200 miles to Wichita Falls, TX, there is not much out there. We made it in one hour and fifty one minutes and averaged about 109 miles an hour (mph) and easily went 120 mph for a good 30 minutes. The car was a new 1972 LTD with a 390, pre-exhaust emission big block engine and heavy duty, suspension. That car could have gone easily another 30 miles an hour as he had a lot more left in the gas pedal. I agree that most of these cars are a laugh for a Bond movie, but a pre-73 LTD with a hot 390 is a car that the police were using to chase speeders in some states. It does not deserve to be on this list. Besides, the back seat is enormous. James would have loved that.
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