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Traction Control

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Traction Control

Traction Control article on Edmunds.com

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    silly1silly1 Member Posts: 1
    Most auto manufs. have traction control on most of their vehicles, or so it seems to me. I haven't really seen anyone commenting/reviewing on how these various systems perform in real life. That is, until I came across this video on youtube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uwr5_Sd47Us). Not sure if it is Subaru-sponsored. What does Edmunds have to say about it?
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    grambo10grambo10 Member Posts: 1
    Traction control is based on a premise of some kind of traction does exist. When there is no traction, the computer can put the vehicle in a more treacherous position. The example above with accelerating from red light, can get you rear-ended quickly, as the computer shuts down the vehicle and the driver can do nothing but coast until the guy behind you knocks your bumper. I have been put into many situations with ABS in snow where it has put me in near accidental situations as I could no linger put input into the car. I have had to put the transmission in N in order to keep control of the vehicle. The computer does not have the input of the overall situation, just the input of wheel spin - the driver has more input from the environment, but is isolated from control.
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    steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    Even with studded tires, there were black ice intersections back in my Anchorage days that would leave you sitting for ten seconds or longer while the tires tried to find some purchase.

    And yeah, plenty of people got rear-ended by some yahoo coming into the intersection too fast for conditions.

    I loved getting ABS on my cars back in my snow days. I could finally steer and brake.
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