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2014 Acura MDX AWD Long-Term Road Test Posts: 10,059
edited September 2014 in Acura

image2014 Acura MDX AWD Long-Term Road Test

Our 2014 Acura MDX test vehicle has a great nav screen -- unless you're stuck in traffic.

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  • hybrishybris Posts: 365
    Probably you have to activate some yearly subscription deal and hope that it stays on top of traffic. I can't say I have much faith in these things like built in GPS navigation vs a separate Garmin.
  • in my dads 2nd gen MDX the traffic only shows up under certain zoom levels of the nav screen. maybe the new one is similar
  • cjasiscjasis Posts: 274
    I believe the traffic is actually linked to FM and not paid XM/Sirius. However, the traffic indicators only show up when you're zoomed in pretty close. Moreover, the traffic is only as good as the system providing the data and frankly, I've found the traffic in my BMW, Audi and Honda to all be moderately useful at best... even in super congested LA and Orange County.
  • This post would be more productive if you compared the MDX's live traffic to that on your smartphone. Then you'd have a better idea if it was data related, or if was a problem with the nav system itself.
  • I have an Acura with the technology package and you have to subscribe to XM NavTraffic to get the info. Even then, like someone else says, you have to be zoomed in to see the green, yellow, red, traffic line. I no longer see the point in buying built in Navigation systems. Google gets their traffic information from everyone's android (and iPhones that still have Google maps) phones. Google Maps Editor allows people to submit changes and after review Google instantly updates the map. A recent bridge collapse allowed Google to remove the bridge and route from their map within minutes. Their traffic information is probably the most real time. You could have gotten the best information from your phone. Unless you use the iPhone Apple Maps then all bets are off.
  • TRAFFIC - If you setup the FREE 3 year AcuraLink Standard Package which includes:

    1) Traffic
    2) Quick Tips
    3) Maintenance Information

    You would of have the information needed. Works great !! User Error on your part.
  • Kelly, did you ever figure out why traffic wasn't showing? Do you feel that the traffic feature is useful in LA?
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