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2012 Toyota Prius c Long-Term Road Test Posts: 9,975
edited September 2014 in Toyota

image2012 Toyota Prius c Long-Term Road Test

The rear wiper on the's long-term 2012 Toyota Prius C might be the most adorable piece of hardware in the automotive world.

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  • hybrishybris Posts: 365
    Why do they think that you need a wiper on the rear window of such a small car? I mean come on this thing is 4.5-5.5 inches long probably and it clears such a small section of the rear window that I can't see how Toyota can justify costs to engineer/test/install/service such a near useless wiper..........Sorry about the wall of text.
  • group17group17 Posts: 0
    Almost as cute as the front right which seems to serve no purpose.
  • duck87duck87 Posts: 649
    They might as well eliminate it and upgrade the interior a bit.
  • legacygtlegacygt Posts: 599
    This is definitely the cutest I've seen. Maybe the Mini Clubman has a smaller blade but it has two of them. As rear glass has been shrinking on cars I've actually seen some decent sized SUVs with ridiculously small rear wipers. They are limited by the height of the window so you see this low, wide rear window with a tiny arc in the middle.
  • agentorangeagentorange Posts: 893
    Some wiped area on the back is better than none. Legacygt hits the nail on the head. the aspect ratio of most rear screens dictates tiny wipers.
  • No I own a prius C and the back window wiper is absolutely necessary. They could make it bigger, but it works wonderfully at the size that it is.
  • The C is just a very cute car.
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