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I've been looking at used, mostly 2000 Ford F250SD 4x4s to replace my 1995 Dodge Ram 1500. I'm a bit confused on how the Electronic Shift on the Fly system works on the Ford SD. The hubs have 2 positions, AUTO and LOCK. Then there is the 3 position switch on the dash, 2hi, 4hi, 4lo.

The big questions are:

What does the AUTO mean?

If I leave the hubs in the AUTO position, can 4 wheel drive be engaged just by turning the dash switch when I deem it necessary, without having to manually turn the hubs?

Does the hub have to be in the LOCK position for 4 wheel drive to be engaged?

One thing I like is the ability to just throw the truck into 4x4 from the cab. I'm not real crazy about the idea of either having to get out and engage hubs on a snowy day, or leaving the hubs locked for extended periods just in case I might need 4x4.

I'd really appreciate some help with this matter.


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    You answered your own question.... Auto on your hubs allow you to switch from 2wd to 4wd from the cab, but you have to be moving to do so. If your stuck & can not move the truck, you can get out & manually switch the hubs to lock for 4 wd. I think it's the best of both worlds....
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    Ford is going to have a recall on certain older Ford trucks, I don't know exactly what year. The problem is the shift motor which engages four wheel drive. I thought is was just 98 or 99, but I think it goes further than those two years. I have 01 and just had to have the shift motor replaced after the truck got stuck in four wheel drive. If anyone else has some information about this subject please put it up on the thread.
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    I wonder if I have had a problem with that, and didn't know it? ('00 350 CC LWB SRW 4x4 PSD)

    The other day, I noticed that my front tires were scuffing when I made very tight turns. My ESOF was in 2WD mode but the auto hubs and/or T-case must have been locked, or somehow partially engaged. I finally got rid of the problem by repeatedly shifting into and out of 4WD and running the truck forward and backward for 20 or 30 yards in a parking lot.

    No telling how many miles I put on the truck with this condition as it was only noticeable if I made a tight turn, generally of more than 90 degrees, and at or near full-lock on the steering. In the end, I just figured I must have been too stupid to do it right the last time I used 4WD.

    Maybe there is a problem with the shift motor, or maybe I just need to hit the user manual again...

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    I have never had to get out if I was stuck. You just flip the switch and it will engage when you start trying to move. Even though you are not moving, the front axles are turning and thus will engage the hubs.

    If you have to do a rocking action, shifting from D to R quickly, then it would be almost mandatory to LOCK the hubs manually.
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    part of that problem could be your are in the L position on the front wheels instead of A. Auto and Lock position, that will cause the front wheels to scuff when you make tight turns. Seem like everytime I come back from Ford that I need to check that. Causes loss of gas mileage.
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    I have never manually locked my hubs yet, but I guess that's not proof-positive that they are still in the "Auto" position. I'll check them this afternoon...
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