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Compact pickup, 2wd or 4wd for the Northeast???

mdb176mdb176 Member Posts: 5
edited March 2014 in Toyota
I'm a first time truck buyer and I'm not sure how badly I need 4wd. I plan on getting a compact, extended cab truck with a V6 and other than that I'm as yet undecided. I'll be using the truck for light hauling (furniture, landscaping materials, mountainbikes, etc), commuting 30 miles (all highway) to and from work, and likely won't be offroading more than as a way to get to the trailhead. I live in the southern tier of NY and after maybe the most mild winter on record I'm trying to decide if I'll need 4wd. Any experienced truck buyers care to offer some advice? Can I get away with winter tires and some weight over the axle? Any help is appreciated.



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    swooshmanswooshman Member Posts: 56
    Well based on the criteria that this truck will be used for it doesn't seem to me that you will need a four wheel drive pickup.. I would however recommend you get some kind of locking or limited slip rear end in the two wheel drive truck.. And like you said a nice set of winter tires for the snow season... Weight over the axel will help espically when you have two tires gripping and lots of rubber for them to get that grip... The added weight of 4x4 in your case seems like a watse of both gas and money.. Hope this helps ya out...

    Swoosh Man
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    tgravo2tgravo2 Member Posts: 70
    Have you considered a Tacoma Prerunner? It sits high like a 4wd. It can easily handle all the hauling you listed above, and if you get the TRD package, it will come with better tires, and a locking rear end, which will give you a little better traction. This truck would get better gas mileage than an equally equipped 4wd, but will look exactly like a 4wd, and be about $2K cheaper. If it were me, I would just get that. It seems like may not need the 4wd, unless you really want it. Good luck with your decision, and let us know what you decide.
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    mdb176mdb176 Member Posts: 5
    I appreciate the responses so far and they've given me something to think about. I'm still undecided and have been talking to some small truck owners in the area to see if they could do it all over, would they go for the 4x4 or vice versa. I may skimp on some other options (power everything, step rails, etc) for now and do the aftermarket mods sometime down the road to save some bucks, but 4wd is nearly impossible ($$) to add on later.
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    txyank1txyank1 Member Posts: 1,010
    (Southern Tier) and never having owned a 4wd I'd say you can get by just fine. Just put a couple hundred pounds of weight in the back for winter. Bags of sand are good 'cause if needed you've got the sand. The only truck I ever owned in NY was a 6 cyl. std. '80 Ford F100. What was really needed was the extra clearance. With 400 lbs. in the back it was the best Winter vehicle I ever had.
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    leadfoot4leadfoot4 Member Posts: 593
    and although we also experienced an abnormally light winter, I have a 4WD compact pick-up. I will, however, add that it's my winter vehicle, since the "hot rods" aren't too good in the snow.
    The gas mileage, however, of the 4 wheeler is dismal, and I'm comparing it to a Z-28 Camaro. The Camaro is not known as an economy car, but does see 25-26 MPG on the highway, where most of my daily commute takes place. The truck might get 19-20, if I'm lucky.
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    doliver3doliver3 Member Posts: 2
    Basicly I ran a limited slip/posi/ or anti spin rear axle on my cars.
    If you feel you can go anywhere you want with a normal car 95+%
    of the time, Then I suggest getting truck with a limited slip/ posi,
    or go after market & use a "locker". That would work great.
    If I needed a truck & could not afford a 4x4 then a standard axle
    & stuff a detroit locker in it. From what you say it would do just fine for everything
    you need. Just don't forget 200lbs of sand over rear axle.
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