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2011-'12 Chevrolet Cruze Recalled for Brake-Assist Defect

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image2011-'12 Chevrolet Cruze Recalled for Brake-Assist Defect

General Motors is recalling 292,879 2011-'12 Chevrolet Cruze vehicles for a potential loss of brake assist, the automaker said on Friday.

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  • unionbusterunionbuster Member Posts: 42
    Imagine my surprise. Daewoo design, UAW assembly.
  • jyhawk58jyhawk58 Member Posts: 1
    They replaced my micro switch assembly on the recall and I am still having issues with my brakes 2011 Cruze, perhaps a faulty micro switch. Back at the dealer for additional problems with the A/C shutting off due to High engine temperature although the temperature gauge shows the water at a normal level. The car has been at the dealer two days now apparently they have no idea how to fix either problem.

    Frustrated in Kansas
  • kboeningkboening Member Posts: 1
    We are having the same problem started noticing the problem as we backed up the car it felt like there was something under the break peddle it only seams to do it when we creep slowly back and some times forward took it in they replaces the master cylinder and it doesnot show the micro switch is bad well its not fixed yet taking it back in i was told by a old chevy man that there was a break bolster or something like that thats behind the master cylinder he said the old chevy cars had this same thing back in the day and when you replaced the master cylinder you usually changed this also so i am going to ask them about it
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