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Silverado 2500 Tires

thebudsterthebudster Member Posts: 5
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Has anyone changed out the factory Firestone
Steeltex 245R75 16E's. I am considerinf BFG A/T ko
in the 285R16 or 295R16 size. Any feedback?


  • page3page3 Member Posts: 54
    I just changed my tires to 265/75r/16's.The BFG's 285/75r/16's are to big for the front.Also need wider rims for the 265's.I went with 8.5 width.It looks alot better than the 245's.The offset of the new wheels kicked them out just a little and gave it a wider stance.The only other solution is a lift kit and I haven't seen any for "99" 3/4 ton's yet. Good luck
  • z71z71 Member Posts: 67
    So are y'all saying that the 2500 Silverado rims are only 6.5 inches wide? Is this both the aluminum and steel wheels? Can you not fit any 265/75R16's? I had always heard that 245/75R16 and 265/75R16's were the same width, only the 245's were a little shorter and had a different load rating. I thought that the "75" part was the width anyways. Is my source wrong, because other than eyeballing it I really don't have a clue. I was curious because I am eventually going to get a 2500 Silverado and wanted to put on 265's, partly to fill up the fenderwells and partly to get a better ride (because of the supposed lighter load rating on normal 265's verses the heaver rated 245's that come on 2500s).
  • stevekstevek Member Posts: 362
    GO WITH THE MICHELINS. I upgraded to a 265/75R16 on my '97 Z71 and so far I have well over 40K on the Michelin X tires and still have another 10k or so left. The next set will be a 275/70R16 of the same brand from Tire Rack.
  • markbuckmarkbuck Member Posts: 1,021
    Why not run american owned and built Goodyears on your american owned and built truck?

    May trade deficit all time record
  • budsterbudster Member Posts: 1
    I decided to go with the BFG T/A ko's. We put the new size 275/70R16 on the truck along with American Racing Python wheels in chrome. My 2000 black 2500 came in today. What a good lookin' truck. Still have not decided whether to paint the fender flairs the match the truck paint. They are the molded black right now. Don't let someone tell you the fender has to come off in order to paint the flairs properly. On the old bodystyle that was true. With the new body the flairs can be taken off in less than 5 mins if it's your first time. Come Thursday the gooseneck hitch and spray in liner will become a part of this great new truck.
  • burroakburroak Member Posts: 17
    Hey budster,

    Got a hitch in the bed of mine. Works great, but don't weld it in. That voids the warrenty. I pull a 30' flat with mine and so far so good. Took me a while to get the brake box installed in the cab. Chevy doesn't give you much in the way of directions.

    Hey h7dq1,

    You put 285-75-? on your new body style 2500? Been trying to find some that don't rub. Tell me which BFG's you put on there please.

  • page3page3 Member Posts: 54
    I had 285/75r/16 BFG'S mounted on my 2500 just to see,and they did rub.Must be a different offset on the wheels.They looked good,but ended up with 265's. Looked like you could do some trimming to make them fit,but my plan is for a lift kit when its available.
  • burroakburroak Member Posts: 17
    I think if you went with 265-85R-16's they will fit and not rub. This tire is not as wide, but taller then the 285. Going to try this and see.
  • dave40dave40 Member Posts: 582
  • vince4vince4 Member Posts: 1,268
    I noticed at the dealer that some 1500s had 265/?/16 Goodyear tires on the stock rim. So I don't think you have to go to wider rims for a 265 tire.
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