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2013 Tesla Model S Long-Term Road Test

Edmunds.comEdmunds.com Posts: 10,130
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image2013 Tesla Model S Long-Term Road Test

The door handles on the Tesla Model S are great in one aspect, not so great in another.

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  • Newer models off the line have updated handles which work a bit more traditionally. They have about 1cm of give before the door opens. They are probably still switch activated, but feels more normal.
  • fordson1fordson1 Posts: 1,512
    OK, right now I am waiting for all the people who (A)said the S has only-8-way power seats in order to keep down the power draw, and those who (B)said it was to keep down costs to compensate for the expensive technology in the powertrain, to tell me why Tesla included this feature, which (A) uses power needlessly and which (B) adds complexity and expense, instead of regular door latches.
  • mfennellmfennell Posts: 91
    This may be the only time I ever agree with fordson1. Untold engineering hours were wasted on those handles.
  • fordson1fordson1 Posts: 1,512
    I assume all that engineering time was booked before Tesla had its epiphany about feature set being unimportant, right? mfennell, Tesla's only experience so far has been selling cars to those people who would not change one single thing about them. They're enthusiasts. Eventually they are going to have to sell cars to people who are going to compare them objectively to, you know, other cars in that price range.
  • igve2shtzigve2shtz Posts: 12
    Coming from someone who likes the Tesla, I have to wonder if these are "buttons" for electrical actuators, how will these fair in an accident, and how will first responders react to them?

    Seems like at some point in time, we may see a convertible Model S.
  • mercedesfanmercedesfan Posts: 365
    @fordson1, That couldn't be further from the truth in my experience. I know a number of Tesla owners who are critical of their cars, but they still love them. I'm no Tesla fan boy (you can look back at my posts and see that there are MANY things I would c
  • fordson1fordson1 Posts: 1,512
    Fair enough. So how do you think it's going to do outside of the warm weather/Supercharger/EV fanbase/carpool lane advantage corridor? I think I read that like 33% of these cars are registered in CA.
  • mercedesfanmercedesfan Posts: 365
    @fordson1, I think Tesla is going to have a tough time getting people to consider the car in the first place outside of the West cost and North East. Once people give it a chance I think a surprising number will actually go for a Model S. It's power deliv
  • evjuiceevjuice Posts: 0
    New door handles are being delivered. They are said to have an actual pull of about a 1/2" so they are more to your description. Tesla listens.
  • evjuiceevjuice Posts: 0
    Once the electric all wheel drive version comes out, the cold parts of the planet will get hooked.
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