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Ranger XLT or Sonoma ZR2 ???

widgets2002widgets2002 Member Posts: 1
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I'm in the mkt for a new truck. My 93 Ranger has 221k. The closest dealer is GMC and they have a Sonoma 4x4 supercab ZR2 package. It would be cheaper than a Ranger XLT with similar features, but I've gotten the impression that the Ranger is way better built. Edmunds says don't buy the 2002 Sonoma, either wait for the '03 model or buy something else. What do you all think?


  • tbundertbunder Member Posts: 580
    ive had two ZR2's, and they both took abuse very well, but they handle poor, brake poor, and dont seem very tight.

    ive also owned three rangers, one 2001 4.0 off-road ext. cab. best truck i ever had. tight as a drum, 210 horses, loaded to the gills, and will put the ZR2 to shame off-road. check out the crap hanging down on the ZR2's rear axles. granted its just part of the REAL ZR2's components exclusively, but the leafs are still hindering ground clearance with their mounting. to be honest with you, both trucks are good, but imo, nothing beats a ranger. you can buy them for cheap and they articulate like a MoFo. check out the new FX4 package, it honestly kicks butt. there are some recalls on the manual FX4's rear axles, but they will fix it for free. it has exclusive off-road gear standard that no other manufacturer can match. lots of them sitting cuz of their relatively high price, so one could be had pretty cheap too. the ranger gets a lot better mileage as well. it also puts the S10/Sonoma to shame on the technology end of the spectrum. don't be fooled by the ZR2's tough looks, the ranger and TRD tacoma will take it off-road, but nothing i dont think can jump like the ZR2. its suspension is quite cushy. good luck.
  • saddaddysaddaddy Member Posts: 566
    If you want another vehicle that will last as long as your other truck (and if those are your only two options). No way the GMs will even come close in the longevity arena. I would feel bad, though, if I didn't tell you to take a good look at the Tacomas. It has areas that it beats the Ranger in, just as the Ranger does. These are handsdown the two best compact trucks on the market.
  • eagle63eagle63 Member Posts: 599
    then get the chevy ZR2, not the Sonoma highrider. the chev has way better looking wheels.
  • zr2randozr2rando Member Posts: 391
    I won't bash the Ford but both Ford and Chevy have weak points,,,just different ones.
    The Chevy uses the 4.3 motor which is tried and true, been in production a long time and has probably most of the bugs worked out of the system by now, Chev has refined some of the componants from the past several years.
    The ZR2 payload is only 750 lbs, I believe because of the rear suspension which is geared towards off-road rather than heavy hauling (uses heavy arch on the springs and a track bar...great off-road design but limits the heavy hauling capacity because of how that combination works)..
    Chev has 4 wheel disk brakes now and they work excellent,,,,but the parking brake design is poor compared to normal rear drum brakes....uses a small mini-drum in that rotor and does not NOT forget and drive off with them engaged..only takes once and they are toast.
    ZR2 steering radius is reduced over normal S10.
    Most of the systems on the S10/ZR2 have been out now for several years,,,so they have MOST of the bugs worked out and that is a GOOD thing in my opinion. Also has kept the cost should get a VERY good deal on one.
    Build quality on my truck is excellent, I have 53k miles and have no issues with the mfg quality.
    The issues I mentioned above I consider design problems and are the only negatives I have on the truck.
    Sounds like you have good experience with the Ford, good for you! Why are you thinking of switching now? I personally don't care for Fords and would still get another Chevy at the moment, I am happy with mine and plan on keeping it several more years.
    Also check some other Edmunds topics that are comparing trucks, good luck with the purchase!
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