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imageChrysler Halts Production of 2014 SRT Viper for Two Months

Chrysler confirmed on Tuesday that it will suspend production of the slow-selling 2014 SRT Viper for two months.

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  • engineer_mbaengineer_mba Member Posts: 11
    Hopefully Viper sales will improve as the warm weather season approaches. SRT management might want to re-think its philosophy of keeping the Viper as exclusive as possible. Survival of the model line is more important than exclusivity. I think that SRT should introduce a V-8 powered entry level Viper at a significantly lower price point to help bolster sales. Years ago Chrysler introduced a concept for a luxury sports car called the "Firepower!". It was based on the Viper and included luxury appointments and a V-8 engine, but nothing ever became of the concept.
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