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imageThe Rush to Mount Rushmore in a Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG

A five-day blitz from sunny Santa Monica, California, to chilly South Dakota and back in a 563-horsepower, rear-drive, two-seat convertible supercar.

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  • actualsizeactualsize Santa Ana, CaliforniaMember Posts: 451
    Awesome. I'm jealous. My trip to Austin pales in comparison, though I did cover a bit more distance.

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  • drkrycek1drkrycek1 Member Posts: 0
    Actual MPG??? (I`m guessing 18)
  • xtremepsionicxtremepsionic Member Posts: 7
    Awesome trip. Some of the snow scenes are pretty scary... and this is coming from a guy who drives a E46 M3 in northern Canada all year round.

    Glad you made it safely and without ever getting stuck! But really, that's just a lot of driving and not quite enough scenery isn't it!?
  • throwbackthrowback Member Posts: 445
    Nice trip guys! Although most owners probably never take their SLS further than the local cars and coffee show, I love doing what these cars were built to do, drive. I would expect any modern RWD car with proper snow tires to be able to handle winter weather. The only concern I would have is ground clearance.
  • peng821peng821 Member Posts: 2
    I am from Northern Minnesota and am accustomed to large amounts of snow. These pictures are a great start, but what I really need from you--the expert--is a detailed letter, addressed to my wife, explaining that it is not only possible, but reasonable to drive a high-powered rear-wheel-drive automobile in snowy climes. Thanks, and great article.
  • kmcoateskmcoates Member Posts: 1
    You guys are the road kill kings! Well done. "Because" sums it up. Anything more would be superfluous.
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