2013 Ford Focus ST Long Term Road Test

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    go to any tire manufacturer website.

    if the website says anything about where new tires should go it will ALL say that new tires should go on the rear.

    it is a safety issue.
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    here is a post from the mustang forums from long ago. unfortunately most of the manufacturer links are now dead (and i don't have the desire to find new links) but they worked at the time and you can see the consensus.


    not sure how this comment section will format things so here is a list of the manufacturers i found that recommended new tires go on the rear: goodyear, bfgoodrich, pirelli, michelin, dunlop, cooper, falken. tire websites that recommended rear installation: tire industry association, discount tire, tirerack. i even found a website of an attorney that specializes in suing tire installers for negligence in installing new tires on the front.
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