2012 Jaguar XF Long-Term Road Test

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image2012 Jaguar XF Long-Term Road Test

Edmunds has a kumbaya moment when it spots a 2013 Jaguar XF 2.0 Turbo while driving the long-term 2012 Jaguar XF Supercharged.

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  • laurasdadalaurasdada Member Posts: 4,116
    What do you think of red as a color for the XF? Y'all seem to really like your's. Been thinking about trading in my mid-life crisis ride for a pair of more sensible shoes. From your reviews, XF seems pretty sensible to me!

    A fond, but bittersweet adieu to my '13 Jaguar XF. And so, I present this laurel, and hearty handshake to the new boss; '21 Audi A7 PHEV. '09 Jag XK , '05 Acura TL, '88 Acura Integra, '84 Mitsubishi Mirage Turbo & '78 VW Scirocco ; all special to me. And, of course, the '92 Nissan Sentra SE-R and '95 Saab 900s I bought for the ex... I've yet to buy a car I didn't like. Although, do I really want to drive a car that would have someone such as me as its owner?

  • emajoremajor Member Posts: 332
    You're not buying your own fuel. But then, if a new Jag isn't making you car-poor, fuel costs probably aren't much of an issue anyway.
  • duck87duck87 Member Posts: 649
    Honestly, if you're spending this much cashola on a car, you might as well get something you enjoy- otherwise what's the point? If the big engine is significantly more fun to you than the weedy 4-banger, then go for it. Definitely fuel economy be damned.
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