Nissan Micra / March coming to US?

lespacelespace Member Posts: 9
There is a rumor that the latest redesign of the Nissan Micra (euro) or March (asia) will be sold in the US. Is there any truth to this?

I would love to have one for a city car. I drive a paltry Metro for just that purpose and want an upgrade but not at the price of a Mini or a Civic Si. I need micro-utility!


  • civicwcivicw Member Posts: 135
    I expect the Honda Fit (much better than the March) to be available next year.
  • lespacelespace Member Posts: 9
    I hope you're right. I just had a look at the Japanese sight for the Fit and agree that it's better than the Micra. The Fit is sort of a micro-van and a much more practical design.

    For the moment, Honda is missing me as a customer by not offering the 5-door Civic. The one offered in Europe is great.

    Where is there info about the introduction of the Fit?
  • implicitimplicit Member Posts: 41
    How is the Fit "much better" then the March? Thats a load of BS. I happen to think March is way more attractive then Fit so it's better right? I really don't thnik fit is that much bigger then March. They are also 2 different segments where one is more of a van and the other a sedan. Plus the poster who is looking for something small why would you get fit? Which is it? Do you wnt a Minivan or a small car make up your mind?
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    My brother drove a Nissan Micra for the better part of ten years and put well over 200,000km on it with next to no regularly scheduled maintenance ... no joke ... he just doesn't look after his vehicles, but that thing was bulletproof ... he used to drive it with hardly any oil showing on the dipstick and it still lasted ... and it was cheap on fuel to boot ... I really hope Nissan (and other Asian and European) manufacturers are serious about re-entering this market segment to North America!
  • lespacelespace Member Posts: 9
    The Fit isn't a minivan. It is a sub-compact that has a shape that resembles a minivan. This gives it considerable cargo area for its size. Cargo area is something the new Micra/March is very much lacking. Both vehicles *are* in the same segment, btw...

    The Micra/March is a very cute Beetle-esque car, but that doesn't necessarily make it better by default.
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